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5G comes and turns on the new era of the Internet of Everything in the led display

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the LED display industry has ushered in a booming development. The industry development pattern is more standardized, standardized and intelligent. Under the craze of the new era of the Internet of Everything, 5G will promote the LED display industry to continuously optimize and upgrade. Greater charm, interoperability, and joint broadcasting control bring more opportunities for the development of the industry.


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For the LED display, it is only a display carrier, and it needs constant technological innovation to strengthen its own rigid conditions. It also needs to continuously integrate with surrounding supporting technologies, such as VR, AR and other emerging technologies, relying on 5G networks. As a support, accelerate the development of LED displays to a higher level.

With the continuous development and maturity of 5G technology, the trend of LED display and 5G technology's integration will continue to strengthen in the future. In the future, more and more telemedicine, teleconferencing, distance education and other intelligent applications will pass LED displays.The display terminal is completed. In the next, the integration of LED display and its linked industries will extend the "LED display wisdom Plus" products, they will also propose different solutions according to different scenarios, which devotes to empower the LED display industry, and promote the LED display industry. Constantly optimize and upgrade to create more possibilities!


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When the LED display is large, connected to the network, combined with complex information, combined with the detection signal, the VR system combines and interacts with people... What would it be like?

The creative display that blends with the architectural/landscape objects is a fascinating visual experience that makes people forget to return!

Combined with the mobile Internet, it becomes the entrance to the O2O line to the line!

Combined with image tracking, paving and recognition technology, LED display will become the carrier of [precise interaction] based on 3D LED small-pitch VR technology, making display become an experience!

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Combined with touch and touch technology, LED display will become [large smart terminal]!

Smart display&control, interconnected interaction, cluster control, remote monitoring.

What is the future LED display? "Big" smartphone ,"big" smart TV ,"big" cloud terminal and "big" IoT terminal...

With the advent of the 5G era, LED displays will be more widely used in the display industry of interconnections, creating more application opportunities for display terminals. abxled is also ready to seize the "window". With resource integration, transformation and upgrading, keeping exploring by combining with the characteristics of its own enterprise, strategic planning and layout of the 5G market, continuous cultivation of internal strength, and enhancement of its own power,  it will present a superior display system solution in the application of 5G technology ,and that will make a new glory.