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ABX LED About to Launch Self-Developed Flexible LED Display Series on July, 2020 

Adhering to quality first and service first running philosophy, ABXLED innovates to improve LED technology to lead a sustainable development of LED industry. On July, 2020, ABXLED is about to launch self-developed flexible LED displays series. 

With mobile LED curtain, each set of the LED curtain is a complete display system, which can build the stage you want at any time. Today we’ll briefly introduce AB series flexible LED display. 


AB SERIES is flexible LED mesh with features of pure transparency, flexibility, lightweight. Easy to install and maintain, which is suitable for various installation, such as bend, fold, winding, swing, etc. AB series come with high artistry and creativity that easy to assemble into various shapes, which is widely used for building façade, shopping mall, wedding decoration and rental events. 

Flexible LED Display

Its main features:

High transparency makes it easier to resist strong wind, ultra-lightweight. Its flexible structure makes it more and more popular around the globe;
90% transparency, flexible structure, light-weight, easy to remove and replace;
Two color options, nice-looking appearance;
Extremely suitable for night-club, bar and large-scale entertainment venues;

Flexible, easy and various installation

Perfect supporting bracket together can achieve more stable structure and quick installation and disassembly. You can set flexible LED strings separately as linear LED strips, or gather them together as a whole transparent LED screen. 

Easy to use

Easy to use due to its simple design and lightweight feature, such as an LED display is never so easily installed, soft features allow the AB family to be installed in a variety of ways and can installed in different shapes and sizes as required. 

Application places

The installation of LED rental display is convenient and quick, and the display is quickly spliced between the cabinets. It is mainly used for stage, wedding venues, large shopping malls, hotels and other short-term display occasions. 
Flexible LED module can shape flexible LED screens of different shapes for a striking and eye-catching display. According to the degree of bending and the pixel pitch divided into flexible LED module and super flexible LED module. The common types include LED sphere display, cylinder LED screen, circular LED display. Also, various solutions can be tailor made to meet your customized demand. 

One-size-fit-all cannot adapt to current market demand. Different applications need different displays because they are not all the same. When selecting a LED screen for your design, many variables are taken into consideration, such as size, shape, intensity, brightness, etc. 

When a standard product cannot meet the specifications you need, we can do all kinds of design, customization, and development for creative LED screen solutions. Additionally, ABXLED offers high quality flexible LED curtain display, LED screen flexible with best price.

Flexible LED Display


ABXLED is a leading LED display manufacturer, offering quality, custom and durable LED screen products to customers worldwide. ABXLED is a LED display solution provider and we’ve developed a full line of LED displays including transparent glass LED screen, ultra-fine pitch LED display, soft LED curtain screen, rental and fixed installation LED video wall, LED floor display, LED advertising poster and other LED sign products. 

We commit to provide clients with high quality guaranteed and full-service professional LED display products and systems, our products are exported to more than 150 countries, products are widely used in large conference, tournament, sporting events, international conference, stage equip rental, and international car show, and more. 

Our company always adhere to the “market-oriented, quality guarantee innovation promote development” business policy, constantly improve company’s operating system and product innovation to serve customers. 

ABXLED has established a solid strategic partnership with a lot of international well-known brands. With our industry expertise, we will do whatever we can to support you to stand out from your competitors. 

For more information about ABXLED and their products, you can reach out to them via below details:
Office number: (+86) 755-2719-7996
What’s App: (+86) 134 8075 2430