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ABXLED's Digital Signage Solutions

ABXLED' LED display integrated LED display advertising solution contains LED display, and independent development of LED control system, ABXLED' LED display at the core of the control technology to ensure excellent display effect and achieve the highest standards of the industry energy conservation index, make advertisers admirable sustainable profit growth targets.


Application:Shopping malls, playgrounds, busy streets, Banks,Hotels, airports, stations, convention centers, large buildings, racecourse and so on.

Digital Signage features

Based on PLC intelligent control unit, with monitoring sensor, realize the photosensitive control system, according to the change of indoor and outdoor light automatically adjust the screen brightness, energy conservation, environmental protection, greatly reduce your operating costs, but also make it easier for the audience to accept.

Using the latest patented video technology, it ensures that the superior image display effects and any arbitrary video conversion capability are available. Can handle Video signal including CVBS (composite Video), S - Video terminal (S), YCbCr (interlaced component), YPbPr (line by line component), RGBHV (VGA), SDI, HDMI, DVI - D (sd and hd serial digital Video) and VOIP (RJ45 cooper).

Using the latest equipment, audio and video matrix of the integration of the video image processing, high-definition signal processing and display of rich experience, the hardware design adopts the patent technology, combined with the special requirements of full-color LED screen to display, you can accept and deal with a variety of different video graphics signals at the same time, and on the full color LED display.

Exceptional Value for the Integrator and Client

ABXLED's control room solutions are engineered to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive and have a lower total cost of ownership optimized for control room environments, with features like front serviceability and LED illumination.


Comparing to traditional billboard advertising, outdoor led signs are revolutionary advertising ways to be widely applied in media, business promotion, commercial advertising, public propaganda, etc. 

As a revolutionary advertising way, outdoor led signs are widely accepted by the new generation and the middle and the elderly. With no doubt, the LED display is one of the best options for commercial as well as private advertising. You can easily find the outdoor LED screen advertising online or on offline channels.

If you're living in urban cities, you can see all these colourful and bright LED displays when you go outside at night.


The revolutionary outdoor LED screen has changed people’s recognition in advertising

Advanced LED technology has brought great changes to our daily life. The advertising is no longer a boring newspaper, boring colours. Bright, colourful, and vivid displays content will refresh your imagination anytime and anywhere. When we walk along the river, taking a bus or taxi, taking a subway, or walking on the aisle of a train, we can feel the LED screen appears in various ways.

We're living in a world surrounded by the outdoor led signs, in the park, amusement park, plazas, shopping malls, bus stop, train station, airport, metro station, buses and transit lines, almost in every public place. 

outdoor led signs are also widely used in the business field to attract consumers to buy products or services in the form of digital banners, posters, billboards, etc. 


Bring great convenience to people’s life

outdoor led signs are used as a way to attract consumers to buy products. Most people will search on shopping websites by instinct. There are many businessmen, elderly people and low-strata consumers who may not have enough time or chance to reach them the products online. For these people, they often go shopping in retail centres or shopping malls. When we plan to eat outside, my first choice is to find an ideal location. Restaurants and food outlets with big vivid LED advertising often attract me to try them out. Those restaurants with appealing advertising and meaningful message will always grab my attention. We don’t have to make the difficult choice among a great many options thanks to LED screens’ guidance.


You can customize the location of your advertisement according to your choice

As is known to all, choose the best location is crucial to an outdoor LED screen project. An ideal location, an attractive slogan and meaningful message will help you to target more audiences. It’s a great way to drive traffic to the content of your digital advertising, especially in rural or remote places. The best location in rural places is the main roads or supermarkets in a town. It’s hard to reach people in rural places. By utilizing outdoor LED displays on main roads or supermarkets, it will greatly enhance your reaching rate. 


Never being bored when waiting on the bus or metro 

It’s a very effective way to keep people engaged in outdoor advertising. Informational and meaningful advertising on a bus or metro transmits is a valuable means of communicating with its targeted customers, wherein the LED screen explains and promotes its products and services. You will never be bored if you read creative advertising carefully. 

The government often use advertising on a bus or metro to deliver messages to the public. Advertisement about general awareness and health-related matters are highly impactful in buses, or metros, etc. Business companies and media companies also utilizes outdoor led signs to establish brand influence and promote sales. 


The main benefits are that you can’t ignore it or zap it or turn it off like television.

The LED screens have exclusivity in your space when you’re on a bus or metro and it can reach drivers and passengers directly no matter whether you’re into it or not. It delivers a varied audience and offers the flexibility of ad size and location. The large, colourful, innovative designs demand attention and you can’t ignore it or zap it.  

It’s available in various shapes and sizes, exterior bus or metro signs display advertising messages to thousands of people in buses or metros as well as pedestrians.  

One person takes about 0.5 to 1.0 hours on a bus or metro and your ad is there for them to read the whole time. Not only the ad can reach the customers on the inside of the bus, but it can also reach a large variety of people outside of the bus or metro. Thus, utilizing outdoor LED screen is also a great and effective way for business advertising and promotion. 


Looking for help with your outdoor led signs

ABXLED specializes in indoor LED display, outdoor led signs, and rental LED screens. Get in touch with ABXLED today! Check out our LED screen solutions and our latest LED technology now!

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