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The features and development process of LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen is also known as transparent LED display, as the name suggests, with permeability is its characteristics. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation mode. Transparent LED screen is also a kind of LED display, which has certain commonalities with conventional LED display. In terms of display technology, transparent LED display screen belongs to spontaneous light display just like conventional display screen. 

Different from projection and back projection display technology, it can independently play dynamic videos and pictures without the help of projection and other tools. In terms of product material, transparent LED display screen adopts aluminum profile box body and ultra-thin PCB board, which can be integrated with the surrounding environment. The corresponding bracket structure can hardly be seen from a distance, and indoor things can be seen through the glass. 

In terms of product structure, transparent LED display screen combines with the principle of louvres structure to form transparency through the gap generated by the horizontal light bar, which will not affect indoor lighting. After lighting, dynamic advertising information such as pictures and videos can be played.

transparent led displays

The features of transparent LED display

1.High permeability, 50%-90% permeability, to ensure the original glass curtain wall lighting perspective function; 
2.Light weight and small space. The thickness of the main panel is only 10mm, and the weight of the transparent screen is only 12kg/㎡;
3.Beautiful installation, low cost, without any steel structure, directly fixed on the glass curtain wall. Unique display effect, transparent background, broadcast advertising images to people floating in the glass curtain wall feeling;
4.Easy and fast maintenance, indoor maintenance, fast and safe
5.Energy-saving and environmental protection, no fan and air conditioning cooling, more than 40% energy saving than traditional LED display screen.

The differences of transparent LED display

1.The difference in LED transparent screen technology, the current process is only: positive luminescence and side luminescence.
2.LED transparent screen appearance material difference, the current transparent LED screen in the material selection of three, respectively: aluminum, die casting aluminum, iron profile.

The classification of transparent LED display

(1)According to the lamp bead patch way

1. The lamp bead is sticking 
The front light emitting technology is adopted, that is, the standard lamp bead of the conventional LED display, which can guarantee the viewing Angle of 140°.

2.Lamp bead side stickers
The side light emitting technology is adopted, and the side pasted LED lamp bead is installed on the upper or lower side of the lamp bar, with a viewing Angle up to 160° and a wider viewing Angle. The industry also calls it the side light LED transparent screen.

To sum up, the side LED transparent screen is more transparent and has a wider perspective. Due to the side design of the lamp bead, the transparency is higher, which can reach more than 90%, and it has better anti-collision ability and fast maintenance requirements. So more and more to be accepted by the market, sought after.

transparent led displays

(2) According to the installation method

1.Hoisting by lease
Direct use of hanging beam (with hooks) installation, frequent installation and disassembly, such as concerts, stage performances, exhibition site.

2.Fixed lifting
This way is used in the mall atrium, gold jewelry stores, business offices and so on. The installation is not easy to move3. Glass curtain wall installation

This is also a fixed installation method, mainly aimed at the field of glass curtain wall, according to the type of glass curtain wall, there will be different solutions, mainly these are: single-point glass curtain wall installation, double-point/four-point glass curtain wall installation, component type glass curtain wall installation, full glass curtain wall installation.

Conclusion: we’ve discussed above common installation methods. In addition, there are heap installation methods, rare transparent screen fixed installation methods. For more information about others solutions, contact ABX LED via 

(3) By application field

1.Stage and stage design: The LED transparent screen can be built according to the diversified stage modeling. The screen itself is transparent and light, which can produce a strong perspective effect and lengthen the depth of field of the whole picture. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave space for the light to hang and play, rendering a certain atmosphere and movement for the stage, and expressing the theme more.

2.large shopping malls: LED transparent screen modern art beauty and shopping mall environment effective combination, shopping malls, glass partition has a wide range of application prospects.

3. Chain stores: Personalized store image can attract consumers to stop and increase customer flow. Unique design techniques, so that transparent LED screen instead of the traditional storefront wall LED display, more vivid video advertising, cool to attract eyeballs.

4. Science and Technology Museum: Science and technology Museum is an important scene for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. The LED transparent screen can be customized for abnormity to perceive the mystery of science and technology.

5.Window glass: LED transparent screens have revolutionized retailers and become
increasingly popular in areas such as building facades, window glass decoration and interior decoration.

6. Architectural media: especially in the application of glass curtain wall architecture, in recent years, gradually hot, glass curtain wall, LED transparent canopy and other solutions.

The technological development and evolution of transparent LED display

In the past, limited by technology, early LED transparent screens only had a single function for displaying information and images. However, with the progress of technology, especially the progress in process manufacturing, and the development of LED transparent screen control system, LED transparent screen has made great breakthroughs in both appearance and content.

Nowadays, in terms of technology, new technologies such as 3D display and VR (virtual reality) are being introduced into the application of LED transparent screen, which greatly enriches or changes the original form of LED transparent screen. Therefore, LED transparent screen has become more and more humanized from the single passive reception at the beginning, and can even realize the basic "human-computer interaction" mode. These intelligent development technologies will bring more display space to the display.

transparent led displays

The technology development and application of transparent LED display

LED transparent screen with light transmittance, installed outdoors, to ensure indoor sunlight; At the same time, from the appearance, the transparent screen presents a sense of fashion technology, when the screen is lit up, it can present colorful content; When the display lights are off, it is a glass wall, neat and not just a large black box. When it is integrated with the building, it can add the ornamental charm of urban buildings. Therefore, LED transparent screen is more suitable for the beautification of urban outdoor advertisements.

Moreover, when LED transparent screen is applied in a large area of the building, its visual effect is quite shocking, and it is more likely to become a local landmark and tourist hotspot, promoting the development of local tourism economy. In addition, LED transparent screens are relatively energy efficient, environmentally friendly and better able to implement emission reduction policies. The LED transparent screen, which is both beautiful and energy-saving, is more conducive to the approval of outdoor advertising, while the film screen attached to the glass is used as indoor advertising display, eliminating the approval of outdoor advertising, expanding the display space of LED transparent screen in the glass film wall, and exploring the growth space of LED transparent screen.