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AE Series is flexible LED mesh with features of pure transparency,flexibility,lightweight; Easy installation and maintenance. Suitable for various installation, such as bend, fold, winding, swing, etc. AE Series with high artistry and creativity that easy to assemble into various shapes, widely used for building facade,shopping mall,wedding decoration and rental events.

3D Display
Super light weight
Easy maintenance
Fast installation

Number of LEDs per point

There are four types of LED lights for each GE Series, 1 DOTS, 2 Dots, 4 Dots, 6 Dots

Product Features

High transparency makes it more easy to resist strong wind,Ultra light-weight and flexible structure help it more popular around the world. 90% transparencyflexible structure.

Light-weightindividually remove and replaceable.

Two colors for your options,with nice apperance.

Extremely suitable for nightclub,bar and large-scaled entertainment venues.

 Model Number     AE 35   AE 55    AE 75
 Pixel Pitch     35mm   55mm  75mm
 LED Arrangement    SMD3535   SMD3535  SMD3535
 Panel Resolutions  12x192pixels 8x128pixels  8x128pixels
 LED QUANTITY/PANEL     1536pixels    1024pixels  1024pixels
 TRANSPARENCY  50%  75%  85% 
BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT  256 level   256 level  256 level
 GREY SCALE     12bit    12bit   12bit
Brightness     1200nits    4000nits 5500nits


Flexible,easy and various installation

Perfect supporting bracket together can achieve more stable structure and quick installation and disassembly.You can set flexible LED strings separately as linear led strips, or gather them together as a whole transparent led screen.

Easy to use

Easy to use due to its simple design and light weight, such an led display screen is never so easily installed, Soft features allow the GE family to be installed in a variety of ways and can be installed in different shapes and sizes as required.


Application places

The installation of led rental display is convenient and quick, and the display is quickly spliced between the cabinets. It is mainly used for stage, wedding venues, large shopping malls, hotels and other short-term display occasions

Why choose us?

We have 9 years of LED display development, manufacturing and engineering construction experience, to provide customers with quality products and services.

Installation and after-sales worry-free

Perfect service system, let you worry free after sale

Creative Solutions

We have a senior R&D and engineering team to relieve your worries.

Caring service

Pre-sales and after-sales support by one-on-one service of senior engineers

Service Hotline: (+86)13480752430

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