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flexible led screen--abxled team's new creative LED display work!

in order to solve the customer's imagination, the abxled team has been working hard to design drawings, this custom led display project, because in order to reduce the weight of the product, the ABXLED design team integrated structure and electronics Separate design, using a new magnetic galvanized sheet as the main structural material, and then changed to a new glass fiber PCB material from the electronic circuit design, which is twice lighter than the traditional PCB board, and the whole finished product is 40% lighter. %. Let's take a look at the video effect after installation!

Project Location: A Beijing listed company in China

Project Product: 2.5 Creative led display

Project area: The diameter of the middle sphere is 0.6 meters, and the diameter of the lifting circle is 4 meters. The thickness of the circle is 320MM.

Product box specifications: Creative customization led screen

Box material: Iron material

Module size: 320*160

Lamp beads:Nationstar 2121

Project system:novastar