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A full guide on Led video wall system.||Abxled

The video wall systems refer to giant digital displays made up by an array of flat panels. Featuring large size, detailed resolution, and versatility, the video walls are ideal for trade shows, car shows, stadium sport events. 

These video walls are displaying text, graphics or animations with unparallel image quality since each screen comes with multiple high definition TVs. For its large size, it can reach the audiences as much as possible.

What is a led video wall system?

The led video wall system is a group of screens tiled together to create a large display surface. For a video wall display on a plaza, it can be used to advertise products or display information and you can interact with the audiences via this video wall display.

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Key components of a led video wall system

Led Video wall display 
The video wall display provides a largescale, high-resolution platform for you to create attractive content and share it with the audiences. 

Video wall processor
The video wall processor, or controller, connects your content sources to the displays. It lets you control what content is shown on the displays, when and where it appears, and how it looks. 

Video wall software
Video wall software provides an interface for controlling your displays, processor and source content.

Why should you choose a video wall system?

A video wall system provides great flexibility and superior performance that is not possible with basic solutions. The video wall works like a single monitor, but its technology is more complex and powerful. The video wall system is worthy investment because it is a considerable investment to meet the needs of many monitors by providing a single, very user-friendly display.

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The resolution for LED video walls

Video walls have been adopted to many areas like media companies, commercial advertisements, and public transportation, etc. But the video wall used for a public digital signage purpose will have different requirements and considerations than a video wall in a command center.

A number of factors need to be taken into consideration before installing a video wall system, including size, resolution, pixel pitch, aspect ratio, etc.

At ABXLED, our video walls come with seamless design, wide viewing angle, and color display ensures your content is memorable and eye-catching. Thus, it can help get more attention and increase sales in retail stores. Our software will provide the flexibility to keep your content fresh and dynamic. 

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