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Here is what you need to know about rental LED displays.

When it comes to live production or entertainment activity, ABXLED rental LED display solution is capable to create an engaging and dynamic atmosphere for your event by providing high quality LED rental display, LED screens for events excellent visual solution and an understanding of this extremely demanding industry.

What do you need to know about rental LED display? Here is a simple guide for you. It might help you have a better understanding of rental LED display.

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Which Aspects Should You Consider Before Investing a Rental LED Display Project?

When it comes to an installation project, at first you will set the requirements and then get the project started. However, when you're starting the rental LED display project for a specific event, things become more complicated since it's not going as planned. Things change a lot!

Before investing a rental LED display project, you need to take two more steps: Doing a comprehensive market survey and making an evaluation on your business scale or project scale.

Doing a Comprehensive Market Survey

If you’re planning to invest on a rental LED display project and you’re green hand to the rental market. Do remember to doing a comprehensive market survey first. Check out the top 10 LED display brands and the most active industry players on the market. Find what pixel pitch LED display they’re using. Find who is their main competitors and what makes them beat other competitors. Make a budget plan for your project and find the right brands to work with.

If you can find all the answers for above questions. Then you can start a rental LED display project and you will know which brands works for you well.

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 Making an Evaluation on Your Business Scale or Your project Scale

No matter you’re investing a LED display for a specific event, for a specific self-use project, or for your growing business, you need to make an evaluation on your business scale or your project scale.

For instance, if you are asked to supply 1000sqm rental LED display for one event and you will still use it after that. Then how many square meters you will purchase?

Before answering this question, you should be aware of one fact about LED display, it is the batch problem. If you buy a LED display now, and a few months later you want to buy more to match your current LED display for bigger events, then you will find out that they can’t be used in one screen. Because they are from two batches Leds which with different color and brightness. Such situation happens quite often.

Let’s get back to that question, you will now have a clear answer after looking back your past events and making an evaluation on your project scale in future business.

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Find the Best Rental LED Display Solution with ABXLED

ABXLED is a Chinese LED display manufacturer and caters your needs for the LED screens for events and other trade shows, We’re the pioneer in manufacturing Rental LED Display in all around the globe with a trusting and reliable brand name.

We can provide you with a wide range of indoor LED wall rental to match any requirements at very competitive prices. Consult us for more information via