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How to choose the right LED screen for your need? || Abxled

Choosing a LED display screen is not an easy task. We will have some questions in mind: how to choose the right LED screen for your need? how to choose the pixel pixels for your LED screen? Let’s find the answer together and take a look at the development process of LED display screen first. 

The development process of LED display products

In general, the development of large LED screen has undergone the following development stages:

The first generation: monochrome LED display

With single red as the primary color, display text and simple patterns, mainly used for notices, announcements, and passenger flow guidance system.

The second generation: dual-color multi-grayscale display screen

With red and yellow-green as the base color, but without blue, it can only be called false color, which can display multi-gray images and videos. At present, it is widely used in telecommunications, banking, taxation, hospitals, government agencies and other occasions, mainly displaying slogans, public service advertisements and image publicity information. 

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The third generation: full color multi-gray display screen

Red, blue and yellow-green as the base colors, which can show more realistic images, are gradually replacing the previous generation of products. 

The fourth generation: true color multi-grayscale display

With red, blue and pure green as the base colors, it can truly reproduce all colors of nature even beyond the range of natural colors in color coordinates. It can display a variety of video images and color advertising. Its gorgeous color, bright high brightness, exquisite contrast, and it has an excellent visual effect in the application of publicity and advertising fields. 

The real color 5mm indoor large screen belongs to the fourth-generation product mentioned above. It has high brightness, not affected by the environmental brightness, thin thickness, smaller area occupation, various color, wide angle of view, can be applied in the spacious hall environment, without Mosaic image loss. 

After looking back to the development process of LED display screens, we can have a general idea of its history and will have a clue in which types of LED screens we will need. 

According to its application environment, LED screen can be divided into two categories: indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. 

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Indoor LED screens are being used in indoor environments. This type has moderate brightness, large viewing angle, light weight, high density, which is suitable for close viewing. 

Outdoor LED screens are being used in outdoor environments. This type has high brightness, high protection level, strong waterproof levels and anti-ultraviolet, which is suitable for remote viewing. 

When you’re planning to choose a LED screen, you can consider it is used in indoor or outdoor environment. Then find the LED screen for your budget and your need. 

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