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How to create quality content for outdoor LED displays?

Outdoor LED displays often appears in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the advertising information media set on the roof of major buildings and outdoor venues such as the front and roadside of the business district. The main forms include road display, LED electronic display, LED full color screen, LED screen, balloon, airship, carriage, large inflatable model, etc. 

Outdoor LED displays are mainly used for advertisements due to its enormous commercial value. It has great potential to capture people’s attention. Most importantly, the content on the LED displays play an important role in obtaining people’s attention. But how to create quality content for outdoor LED displays?

Creative LED display content

The content is a basic requirement for outdoor LED displays. The LED display is used to convey information or promote products. Creating high quality content is very vital to get more exposure and increase sales volume. For someone who is with strong marketing background, it's not a new concept or new technology. But for people who are new to outdoor LED displays. We're going to offer some suggestions on creating quality content for outdoor LED displays. 

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The length of the content

The length of the content largely impacts the advertisement on the audience. Usually people can focus on a new thing in about 45 seconds. But the time for large venues suited for outdoor LED displays is about 10 to 25 seconds cause the audiences can be distracted by other things. To make sure the audiences can read all the advertising, especially the call-to-action message.  Content within 10 to 25 seconds will be effective since the audience might not miss the important content at the end or the beginning.

Fresh and original content

Fresh and original content is likely to hold audience attention and retain it. A effective way is to update the content every single day. People are easily to be influenced by fresh and extraordinary content.

Keep the content fresh is to update the content time and time again regularly. Information can be outdated in just a couple of days. Also, modern outdoor LED displays allows the advertisements to display different content at different times. It is able to make a schedule for your content and make it display periodically. Information including weather conditions and temperature should be updated every single day.

Applying special effects on the content

The special effects on text or animations will draw attention of passersby. Try to use special fonts instead of common fonts. For example, Tahoma or Verdana will make the text clearer for the potential audience. 

Have a good designer

The quality content is designed by a group of good designers. The designer will make the design stand out and truly understand the purpose of the design. 

To have a good designer on your LED content creation is important. Only a good designer is likely to provide you good content and have the ability to increase your return in your investment.

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Avoid information overload

To ensure that your audience comprehends the message, avoid displaying too many messages at one time. If you put a lot of information on the screen at one time, your message is bound to get lost. A human brain does not work well with information overload. The brain might read the entire content, but it is not able to perceive and remember.

When a person is not able to recall your ad, it simply is a loss for you. After all, the main objective of outdoor LED screens is to deliver information and for the clients to remember it. So, we suggest you display only one message on the screen at one time.

At ABXLED, we’ve cooperated with both domestic and overseas customers on outdoor LED displays and we have rich experience in great outdoor LED display projects. We’ll keep sharing other good practices to create high quality content for outdoor LED displays with you.