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How to deploy an engaging LED video wall? || Abxled

LED video walls are designed to show the audiences with vivid, attractive images or videos. How to deploy an engaging LED video wall well within budget is not an easy task. There are many creative options and it's hard to decide what will work best for the investment. 

What to consider when deploy an LED video wall? Here are several aspects you need to consider when starting an LED video wall project.

Find your goals

Find your goals of the video wall project investment and how to get more attention. When the LED video wall can work and interact well with end users, you will know better about the video wall for your business.

Location-related solution

The location will decide the screen size and the screen size will be affected by the budget. Many factors can affect the appearance of a video wall. Indoor or outdoor, ambient or direct light, line of sight, angle of view, and distance from the viewer to the monitor, all these factors will affect the final solution.

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Dimension of space and display

The size of the video wall is limited by the wall. But we also need to consider the number and size of the display. The larger the display, the less border. Also, landscape, portrait and other unique angles need to be considered.


A video wall with powerful interactive system, superior compatibility and expansibility will be the first choice for a successful video wall project.

The content is vital to get people's attention. Consider the type of content and the source of input. Does the video wall show more than one thing at a time? Do you use ultra-high, 4K, or even 8K resolutions? Be aware of all potential content requirements and ensure that the resolution you choose is compatible.

The video wall will eventually be as perfect as the content deployed in it. Currently, video walls don't have to follow the standard ratio of length to width, but keep in mind that if they do, the content is more accessible. If the video wall does not match the content depth ratio, users will not be satisfied with the results.

Commercial-grade displays VS. consumer-grade displays

Commercial-grade displays come with zero bezel, longer service life, better brightness, which can make video walls better, but it also cost much.

The component

Generally speaking, video walls require different components such as monitors, media players, wiring, monitor mounts, etc., so make sure you have a complete shopping list so you don't miss anything. Also, each resolution is different, but ideally, the resolution needs as few components as possible, thus reducing the number of system failure points.

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Video wall calibration

Video walls will bring great visual effect. If they don't look seamless, the effect is the opposite. Calibration can be tricky, so it's best to choose a video wall resolution using a simple calibration tool.

Video walls can be a worthy investment. Thanks to recent advancements in LED technology, the price of LEDs has dropped significantly, which means LED video walls are more affordable and accessible.

Deploying an engaging LED video wall is really challenging. But with ABXLED, you can rest assured of our profession and service.