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Indoor Rental LED Display Series

Omnipotent indoor P1.953,P2.604,P2.976,P3.91,P4.81 frontal rear dual service concert church event stage rental led display,
Stage event being more and more popular, elements of stage contains lighting/audio / video.…
LED display playing an important role in video, used for Live interaction, Video broadcast etc.
ABXLED as a professional led display manufacturer in led video wall more than 10 years.
Our stage event led display with various kinds of option for your indoor or outdoor event stage led video wall needs.

Excellent technology

  • Die-cast rear cover,thermal performance and waterproof performance will be better.
  • New quick lock, better damped and faster installation.
  • rear maintenance Update module, simply loosen the screws, without having to open the Cabinet cover, easier to maintain.
  • front maintenance Update module, without having to open the Cabinet cover,Remove the module with before maintenance tool, easier to maintain.
  • Ergonomic designed handle, good feeling , easy lifting. Safety buckle design,worry-free security.

Quick installation and disassembly

Indoor and outdoor for option,module magnetic installation, front and rear maintenance,die casting aluminum cabinet,ultra-high flatness, whole screen flatness error <=0.01mm.
High protection,weather and salt spray corrosion resistance.

                                                       500*500 rental LED Display Series

 Model Number ABX IST-1.953     ABX IST-2.604   ABX IST-2.97    ABX IST-3.91  ABX IST-4.81
 Pixel Pitch 1.953mm     2.604mm   2.97mm  3.91mm  4.81mm
 LED Arrangement SMD1515    SMD 1515   SMD 1515  SMD 2121  SMD 2121
 Physical Density(pixels/m²)  262,144    147,456    112,896  65,746  43,222
 Cabinet Dimensions(mm)  500X500X85  500X500X85  500X500X85  500×500x85   500×500x85
 Module Dimensions(W×H) 250X250  250X250   250X250  250×250   250×250
Module Resolution 128*128     96x96    84x84   64×64     52×52
Maintenance method Back/front Back/front Back/front Back/front Back/front
Use environment indoor indoor/outdoor indoor/outdoor indoor/outdoor indoor/outdoor
Refresh Rate 1920Hz/3840Hz 1920Hz/3840Hz 1920Hz/3840Hz
Grey Scale (bit) 16 16 16 16 16
IP Rate IP31 IP31/IP65 IP31/IP65 IP31/IP65 IP31/IP65
Viewing Angle (H/V) 160/140 160/140 160/140 160/140 160/140
Brightness  800nits 800-5000nits  800-5000nits 800-5000nits 800-5000nits
Working Temperature -30-60 ℃ -30-60 ℃ -30-60 ℃ -30-60 ℃ -30-60 ℃
Power Supply AC100-240V(50-60Hz) AC100-240V(50-60Hz) AC100-240V(50-60Hz) AC100-240V(50-60Hz) AC100-240V(50-60Hz)
Life span 100000 hrs 100000 hrs 100000 hrs 100000 hrs 100000 hrs



High Accuracy Curving

Each led cabinet allows for 15 degrees convex and concave curving allowing for creative freedom in your production designs. can be installed in inner arc or outer arc

Application consistency

The installation of led rental display is convenient and quick, and the display is quickly spliced between the cabinets. Whole screen flatness error <=0.01mm.The cabinets of different batches are of the same size, solid and durable,not easy to deform.


Weight: about 7.5kg/cabinet,one person can carry,saving time and effort.
Thickness: Die casting aluminum cabinet, high strength,high tenacity,high precision, not easy to deform, thickness only for 80mm.
Flat: flatness error ≦0.2mm, effectively eliminate mosaic phenomenon.
Fast Installation: cabinet use fast lock, two seconds locked adjacent cabinets, air plug wiring connect more fast.
Easy maintenance: magnetic modular design, any position breakdown can easy to front service and installation.
Compatibility design: indoor and outdoor use, allow various pixel pitch.
High gray, high refresh, gray 13 bit, refresh rate 3840Hz. 
Heat dissipation design, no need fan and air conditioner, how noise, less weight, low cost.

How to choose a stage led screen size for a specific event

How ABXLED help in choosing the best screen for your event

In recent years, live events and exhibits, car shows, product launches, trade shows, etc are emerging as top marketing strategies for closing a business. Every special occasion requires a specific well-planned stage led screen project to grab attention and showcase products or services. Brand impression, enterprise videos, social media or other marketing materials can be delivered to the audiences via a stage led screen. By utilizing latest LED technology, people can fell a brand in all rounds. 

In addition, installing a big screen on an event is to achieve perfect visual impact, and attracting more attention from audiences. People surrounded the stage can get a clear and vivid picture at a long distance. 

In this article, ABXLED simply explains how to choose a stage led screen size for a specific event and how ABXLED help in choosing the best screen for your event. 

How to choose a stage led screen size for your event

Making a full investigation of surroundings and the location

Knowing the total area of the project

Carefully planning an stage led screen of a specific size demand

Choosing a pixel pitch that fits for the project (resolution will depend on screen size)

Choosing a size and shape that fits for the project

Planning the configuration, size or shape and mounting structure for the project

Planning the content for the stage led screen and making proposals for customers to choose from

Making preparations for fast and smooth installations 

How ABXLED help in choosing the best stage led screen for your event 

In the process of partnering with ABXLED, all you have to do is make a rough project plan, tell us your detailed demand, decide what you want to present on your screen. Then we will choose an stage led screen with a pixel pitch that suits your need. You can decide the size, design, or shape or pick a recommended popular size. ABXLED’s screens can be supported in a variety of methods from ground-stacked to flown. It can definitely meet your regular or custom requirements. 

ABXLED provides stage led screens that suit for large or small events. The wide range of stage led screen solutions can meet your customized demand. Modern, dependable, and easy to install stage led screens in high-resolution pixel pitches will surely suit every budget. Coming with the innovative ABXLED LED technology, the project we worked with Novastar looks brilliant under the bright stage and camera lighting. We’d like to show you the true case from SNA today. A creative custom case for our customer SNA。 

This is a project for a new york listed company. In the beginning, we’ve investigated the surroundings of the project. The diameter of the middle sphere is 0.6 meters and the diameter of the lifting circle is 4 meters. The thickness of the circle is 320MM. We utilized 2.5mm pitch creative LED displays for this project. To meet customer's demands and reach their imagination, the ABXLED team has been working hard to design drawings after we got the requirements from our customer. This is a total custom LED display project. To reduce the weight of the product, the ABXLED design team integrated structure and electronics separate design, using a new magnetic galvanized sheet as the main structural material, and then changed to a new glass fiber PCB material from the electronic circuit design, which is twice lighter than the traditional PCB board, and the whole finished product is 40% lighter. This is a big breakthrough and we finally made it. 

Such a custom stage led screen can also be used on trade shows, car shows, wedding,

product launches, and similar big events, etc. 

If you have an event coming up? We can offer you reliable solutions at affordable prices.

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