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Introducing Flexible LED Displays

With the rapid growth of LED technology, the LED display industry has evolved and updated at a high speed. It's worth mentioning that flexible LED displays are also applied in many areas.

A Flexible LED display refers to the flexible LED display that can be bendable and won’t be damaged. It will not be broken due to its circuit board, which is made of special flexible material. Flexible LED display is not only be used to cater to the mass aesthetic but also be used for decoration in architectures. In other words, it’s not only a LED screen but also a part of cultural or architectural elements.

With its wide popularity, it’s widely used in the domestic market as well as in the overseas market. 

Flexible led displays,P3 indoor led display

Introducing ABXLED’s Flexible LED displays

ABXLED’s AE series is a flexible LED mesh with features of pure transparency, flexibility, lightweight; easy installation, and maintenance. Flexible LED displays are made of soft PCB and rubber material. It’s extremely soft and is suitable for various installation, such as bend, fold, winding, swing, etc. AE series with high artistry and creativity that easy to assemble into various shapes, widely used for building façade, shopping mall, hotels, clubs, halls, wedding decoration, and rental events. 

Curve, Bendable Flexible LED screens 

The flexible LED screen is one of the latest products in the market can be made in different shapes for a striking and eye-catching display. The most common types are: LED sphere display, cylinder LED screen, circular LED display, etc. 

Flexible LED screens are high-resolution, bendable LED display boards that allow you to twist and turn your screens into curved shapes and integrate them into your overall interior design.

The bendable feature allows your LED screens to be able to wrap up in various shapes and designs. These trendy LED screens will definitely be more eye-catching and attractive. It would be a more flexible solution for customers. 

Considering its bendable feature, a flexible LED display can be installed in various application scenarios, such as ground installation, hanging installation, embedded installation and hanging installation, etc. It breaks the limits of the installation area and achieves various creative customized LED display installation ways.   

Flexible, easy to installation and disassembly 

Lightweight and easy to install, these small units and flexible designs can be made in shapes like convex, concave, and other complicated shapes. These modules can be shipped and assembled at the venue, saving a lot of time and effort for installation and disassembly greatly. 

It's equipped with perfect supporting brackets to achieve a more stable structure and quick installation and disassembly. You can set flexible Led strings separately as linear LED strips, or gather them together as a whole transparent LED screen. 

It’s easy to use due to its simple design and lightweight. Its soft features allow the GE family to be installed in a variety of ways and can be installed in different shapes and sizes as required. 

High transparency

High transparency makes it easier to resist strong wind, ultra-lightweight, and flexible structures make it more popular around the globe. 

There are two color options for you to choose from. With 90% transparency, a flexible structure, and an ultra-lightweight, it can be easy to remove and replace. 


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Various application scenarios

A flexible LED display makes it possible for easy and quick installation and disassembly. It can be used as a common LED display and can be used in special scenarios as well. Creative LED displays like special-shaped screen, spherical screen, curved screen, and cylindrical screen, etc are mainly used for fashion shows, car shows, trade shows, large shopping malls, stage performances, wedding venues, hotels, plazas, bars, etc. 


With over 9 years' experience in the development, manufacturing, and engineering construction of LED displays. We’re confident that we can satisfy our customers with top quality products, services, and solutions. 

We pride ourselves in helping bring to life many creative projects in the past years. Here at ABXLED, we’re proud to help establish your brand influence using our LED screens, services, and solutions. Come and talk to our team to see if our solutions will work for you and your brand.