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Key factors that affect the life span of LED display screens│Abxled

The life span of LED display screens generally refers to the period of use to abandoning. Generally speaking, the life span of LED screens is mainly affected by the below factors:

1.Key components

LED bead device is the most important component of an LED screen and it affects the life expectancy of an LED screen. The LED beads are related to features such as attenuations, water-proof permeability, and UV resistance. The quality of LED bead device affects the life span of an LED screen. 

Lamp beads are able to work longer under low current conditions. Under the normal display of video programs, the life of the LED advertising screen should be about 8 times the life of the LED beads. 

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2. Other components

Other supporting components including circuit boards, plastic shell, switching power supply, connectors, machine case, etc. also influence the life span of LED display screens. Any quality problem of any part may lead to a decrease in the life span of the screen. 

3. External components

The manufacturing process of LED display screens determine fatigue resistance. The quality and performance of the module will affect the life span of the whole screen. The production process of LED display screens also affects fatigue resistance and even life expectancy. 

4. Working environment

LED screens are used in different applications, the working conditions of the display screens vary a lot for use in different applications. Without the influence of rain, snow, and UV, the temperature difference in the indoor environment is tiny. However, the outdoor temperature can be up to 70 degrees. Under the influence from strong wind and rain, the harsh environment will aggravate the aging of the LED screen.

When the temperature and humidity change, cracks are likely to appear on the protective surface of the circuit board, leading to a decrease in protective performance. 

The production process determines fatigue resistance. The production process includes storage and pretreatment of components, furnace welding process, three anti-treatment processes, waterproof sealing process, etc.

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5. The operating temperature of the LED

An LED screen is well designed to ensure the LED screen work in good conditions. An LED screen that comes in higher brightness will increase its temperature and reduce its lifespan. 

An important factor that affects the life span of a LED screen is the operating temperature of the LED. In general, the higher the temperature, the greater the wear, and the less you can expect an LED to last.