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The key factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing an LED display screen。 || Abxled

The key factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing an LED display screen


Generally speaking, the more points a LED monitor has, the higher the quality of the image will be. When choosing a LED screen resolution, you must take this into consideration. The higher the number of pixels, the more expensive the screen will be. 

Content and screen size

When choosing LED screens, you need to consider how the screen will be used, a suitable resolution and the content you want to display. 

When you plan the size of your screen, consider how you plan to display the graphics or videos on your screen. For example, if you want a 3 mm LED, the screen has to be 18.9feet long before it is truly HD. If the pixel pitch is 10mm the screen would have to be 63feet long before it would be HD.

LED module

LED module is the building block component of the video wall. The arrangement of modules depends on the product, market and use. 

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Resolution pixel is the abbreviation of image elements, and it is the basic light point to form letters, numbers, graphics and videos. A pixel can be a single LED, multiple LEDs of the same color, or multiple LEDs of different colors. They are the smallest elements of an electronic display system and can be independently controlled or switched at different brightness levels. 

Resolution is the number of pixels in the physical area of an electronic display. The more pixels per unit area, the better the detail display. Resolution is determined by display size, pixel technology, pixel spacing, and viewing distance. 

The viewing Angle

The viewing angle or viewing area is greater than the best viewing angle, depending on the site conditions and ambient light. When selecting the display, consider the position and angle at which it will be installed. The best picture is obtained in the cone of the display, so it is best to place the viewer in the cone where they are likely to see it. 

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Viewing distance

Larger characters will have longer viewing distances, and smaller characters will have shorter viewing distances. Pixel spacing also varies between indoor and outdoor applications. 

The calculation of viewing distance is mainly based on the type of display and the distance from the display. Each display ha a minimum and maximum viewing distance, based on application and purpose considerations.

This article from ABXLED will help you get the general idea of what will be considered when choosing a LED screen. Let our sales and technical teams help you come up with a solution.