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AF 3.91 | AF 5.2 | AF 6.25 | AF 8.9

LED interactive  video floor, mainly used in stage, aisle, exhibition and other activities. This product can be fixed and leased. Led floor tile screen can be fixed or mobile installation, box and acrylic mask can be integrated, can also be separated. The track floor tile display screen can be detachable and spliced into a conventional lease screen.

Super light weight
Easy maintenance
Fast installation
Seamless splicing

LED Interactive Video Floor Feature

1. The unit module comes with its own pressure sensor.

2. Install interactive radar equipment next to the floor tile screen. Either of these two methods can sense the position of human beings and trigger the information to be fed back to the main controller. With the help of infrared induction, the trajectory of human motion can be traced, so as to achieve the effect of interactive experience.

3. Smooth ground installation is more perfect, perfect seamless splicing.

4. Meet the use environment of floor tiles, waterproof grade for IP65, without fear of sprinkling water, Rain Water.

5. With excellent heat dissipation performance, professional heat dissipation channel design, to ensure that the screen heat can be derived quickly and effectively.

Easy installation

Mobile rental floor tile screen: no need to dig, just put the box on the track, using positioning beads and track grooves to slide back and forth, can easily disassemble and assemble any LED floor tile screen. 


Single box can be moved at any time, can be maintained before, very suitable for rental use. Fixed LED floor brick screen: dig up a part of the floor, then install the steel structure fixed support, then install the box body on the fixed structure, and then put the sub-force board on the box body, after installation and debugging, the height of the floor brick screen and the height of the floor remain flat.


This method is time-consuming and difficult to disassemble. Track LED floor brick screen: the track is liberated on the ground according to the size of the box, and then the box is fixed on the track. The single box is not easy to move and is not suitable for later disassembly and movement.

Excellent design

The exquisite appearance, the standardized box body, the excellent processing technology, the reliability is high, the installation speed is greatly improved, the display stability of the display screen is improved, and the maintenance is more convenient and safe.

LED Video Floor parameters

 Model Number     GF 3.91    GF 5.2    GF 6.25   GF 8.9
 Pixel Pitch     3.91mm   5.2mm  6.25mm  8.9mm
 LED Arrangement    SMD1919   SMD1921  SMD2525  SMD3535
 Physical Density(pixels/m²)     65,536    36,864  25,600  12,544
 Cabinet Dimensions(mm)  500X500/500x1000  500X500/500x1000  500×500/500x1000   500×500/500x1000
 Module Dimensions(W×H)  250X250   250X250  250×250       250×250
Module Resolution     64x64    48x48   40×40    28×28
Brightness     2000nits    2000nits   2000nits     2000nits


Application places

Large auto shows, press conferences, concerts, stage rentals, entertainment centers, shopping malls, theatres, television stations, bars, disco, hotels, etc.

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