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Main functions and features of outdoor full color LED display.||Aabxled

Outdoor full color LED display screens have been widely spread on both domestic and overseas market, frequently installed on shopping malls, enterprises, schools, stages, Banks, airports, stations, stadiums, public security, transportation, and other fields. 

LED display screens can be applied in all kinds of occasions to promote corporate culture, improve corporate image and increase sales. But do you know about the main functions and features of outdoor full color LED screen? 

Main functions of full color LED advertising display screen are as below,

1.To build outdoor full color LED screens in single or multiple business centers and areas with high traffic flow to form an outdoor large screen network covering the whole city or even the whole country
2.Outdoor full color LED screen comes with strong visual impact and super clear surface. It is conducive to the shaping and communication of brand image. Many large screens are local landmarks and are good advertisements themselves. 
3.It’s distributed in busy streets, residential areas and other small & medium-sized HD LED full color advertising display or information screen to form a media release network. 

4. Small outdoor full color display features strong penetration, wide network coverage, low investment, quick effect, and good publicity effect. 

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Main functions of outdoor full color display screen system

1. Support PAL, NTSC, VGA and other signal formats;

2. It has SDTV, RGBHV, HDSPI, DVI, YUV, and other high-definition video interfaces and is compatible with the signal standard;

3. Outdoor full color display screen system can play the following signal programs: 

(1)Cable broadcast television, DVD player (VCD, DVD, etc.), video recorder, video camera, satellite television and homemade programs

(2)Equipped with a network interface, it can connect to the computer and play all the computers from the information network or the public information network. At the same time, it can realize the real-time broadcast of weather forecast information; 
(3)It can accurately display all kinds of graphic information on the computer, including animation, image, sound, video, text, etc. 
(4)It can support all image format files, video files, flash files, etc. 
(5)It is compatible with spoken and written languages of different regions, such as English, Chinese, numbers and other words and a variety of fonts and support display of foreign languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Latin, Korean, etc. There are a variety of fonts to choose from. Additionally, it can support all kinds of text font and graphics provided by Windows, and the fonts can be amplified, narrowed, and deformed. 

4.It is able to realize real-time playback of major events

5.It has flexible and diversified display modes:

(1)It can realize multi-screen playback and the screen can scroll up and down, left and right. 

(2)It can superimpose text information on the TV screen, or superimpose text, picture and motion on the video image painting, etc. 

(3) With panorama, close-up, slow motion, flickering action, dragging image, nostalgic film and other special effects.

(4) Text, graphics, patterns and animations can be displayed separately. It can also play at the same time about different proportions or Different proportions of the screen and text.

(5) The screen area can be divided at will to display different playing contents in each area, and at least two external video signals can be played in different partitions at the same time;

(6) It has various stunt patterns can be set for all display elements.

6. It can set to play the list of files, and can play files at a fixed time, at any time.
(1) Support remote control;
(2) The display screen shall be connected to the following systems: 
A. Video access system; 
B. Network system;
C. Power distribution system.

7. The visual and audio interface of the display system and the internal processing of visual and audio meet the requirements of professional broadcast TV. The display screen can combine the characteristics of broadcast TV signals to provide realistic, complete and high-quality LED display for TV broadcast signals.

8. It has high image resolution and high definition, high refresh frequency, ensuring that the screen clear no flickering.

9. 16bit color processing, color restoration to reality, real-time playback of digital movies, 8bit grayscale processing,

10. The image color is soft and realistic, gray rich, layer sense and three-dimensional sense.

11. The display screen has the function of brightness, chroma single point correction, and the display screen is uniform and consistent. With a good color balance, and natural image space color.

12. The brightness of the display screen can be automatically adjusted according to the delay of environmental brightness, and the delay time can be customized.

13. The system is stable and reliable, with strong anti-interference ability, long life, and it can work continuously for more than 72 hours.

14. The display system meets the requirements of waterproof, moisture-proof, anticorruption, dustproof, high-temperature resistance, electrostatic resistance, fire resistance, and anti-seismic. The protection level of the front panel ca not be lower than IP65, and that of the back panel cannot be lower than IP43; Protection measures for short circuit, open circuit, over current, over voltage, under voltage and leakage during electrical operation. When serious error occurs in the system, it can automatically turn off the alarm to ensure the security and reliability of the system.

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Main features of full color LED display features

1. It select and utilize high quality LED chip with large Angle, good flatness, low attenuation of antistatic intensity brightness and high wavelength stability;

2. The standardization of box design makes the size of the same box suitable for different pixel display requirements, making the installation of advertising screen more convenient. The LED case is thinner and lighter, saving transportation cost;

3. Unique waterproof case design, in line with IP65 protection standard, which can be directly installed outdoors; Using fan-less power supply, the box body naturally convection heat dissipation, save a lot of power, and safe environmental protection;

4. The LED display can be used in different climatic regions all over the world, with the temperature range of -30 ~ 50. The box body has good moisture-proof and corrosion resistance performance, so the product can even be used in the coastal air environment with high humidity and high salinity;

5. LED outdoor display brightness is higher than 4500CD, suitable for different installation environment. In product design, we have been adhering to the design concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. A multi-function card is installed to adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness.

6. It support the centralization of remote wireless and wired modes

7. Control and management. A monitoring center can control multiple LED advertising screens. Support smoke, heat, humidity monitoring;

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8.LED video control system is not only equipped with a double backup system, which can be immediately switched to the standby system in case of failure, but also provides relevant maintenance spare parts. All backups are modular in design for easy after-sales maintenance. 

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