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P6 led display screen,Sports is our soul ABXLED

Physical activity is a kind of physical education and social and cultural activities of human society. The essential characteristics of sports are physical development as a means to develop the body, strengthen the physique, promote the all-round development of people, and serve the development of society.

Sports are various activities that are consciously cultivated for one's physical fitness during the course of human development. Various forms of physical activity such as walking, running, jumping, throwing, and dancing are adopted. These activities are commonly referred to as physical exercises.

Sorry, maybe I love sports too much. I can't help expressing some emotions from the bottom of my heart. We return to the topic: this project is another masterpiece of ours, a masterpiece of sports. We are very proud of the photos that come back. (He often joked that I watched a few free games and they were very exciting.)It took us a total of eleven months for this display project to go from project implementation to inter-project implementation. Our efforts have been recognized by our customers. No matter it is the display structure load or the PCB circuit design of the display, all difficulties have been overcome. We conquered, thank our team, and here I pay tribute to you, thank you for your efforts, and create higher value for customers! Thanks to our professional customer team!

Project Location:  stadium

Product: P6 led screen
Project area:Two main LED displays with a total of 704 m²;Side LED display with a total of 96m²
Product box specifications: 960*960 led display screen
Box material: Aluminum frame
Module size: 192*192
Lamp beads: cree 3535
Project system: novastar