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500 * 500 stage led display product structure display.

Click the triangle to play the video
Click the triangle to play the video

This is a 500 * 500 LED rental display product that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for concert events, business events, wedding events, car shows, hotels, etc. At the beginning of the design, the engineers of ABXLED chose aluminum as the material, so it is much lighter than conventional LED displays. This ABXLED product adds two positioning pins and slots on the upper and lower splicing surfaces. Two wave beads have been added to the left and right splicing surfaces, so the accuracy of the top, bottom, left and right sides is ensured during installation, and the flatness of the LED display light surface is more effectively ensured. In order to protect the product from collision during use, it will not hurt the product Four corners, so a very creative foldable protective corner is added (first in the LED display industry). One of the more valuable advantages of this product is that it supports maintenance before and after, so you don't have to worry about poor maintenance during the after-sales process.During the installation process, it supports hoisting and seating, so its choice of installation functions is extremely powerful. It will soon have a more powerful function, which is to splice with the 500 * 1000 LED rental display, so it is an unprecedented product. Other advantages:

  1. Because it is CNC precision carved, it has high dimensional accuracy, good strength, and good flatness.
  2. Two stainless steel quick locks are installed on the top, bottom, and left, so the installation is fast, seamless and seamless Disassembly is more convenient.
  3. Because it is made of aluminum, it is more convenient to install and remove it with light weight and more importantly, it saves a lot of freight.
  4. Because of the modular design, front and rear maintenance is realized.
  5. Because the power supply with PFC is used, low noise, low consumption and long life are ensured.
  6. Because high-quality LED chip is used, it has high brightness, low attenuation, good stability, clear image display, and wide viewing angle.
  7. High refresh IC ensures gray and brightness.

500 * 500 stage led display product structure display detailed stitching video explanation..

Click the triangle to play the video
Click the triangle to play the video

This 500 * 1000 LED stage display, because it has the characteristics of front and rear maintenance, so you no longer need to worry about failure and inconvenient maintenance, because it uses CNC machining, and the accuracy is greatly guaranteed during the installation Compared with the traditional profile screen, it is significantly improved in flatness and assembly consistency. Even better, it supports indoor and outdoor use. Because of its improved accuracy, it has broken the problem that the small-pitch LED display has been uneven, which has made a zero-breakthrough in the small-pitch rental of LED displays. Can provide clearer, higher quality textures for performances and commercial events. I hope you like the careful design of the ABXLED team.