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Rental LED displays: why to use and where to use

Rental LED display is widely used on stages in many big events. LED screens come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. The various types and applications make it possible to enhance the show and strengthen the show's effects in almost all events.

For any big event, a stage is placed in the highest position generally. A giant rental LED display is installed on it to make all the audiences to easily see what's going on clearly from the view of the nearest and the furthest from the stage.

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 For instance, if it’s used for a stadiums a stage is usually in the lowest position of the plaza and surrounding seats are high up. This is designed to make the audiences focus on the center of the stadium. In this situation, a stage and a giant LED screen are required to make the audience on the furthest seat can see what’s displayed on the central stage.

ABXLED’s rental LED display utilizes second-generation anti-collision disc technology, effectively preventing the lights off. It selects high contrast mask to obtain a good display effect. Carefully matching every lamp, carefully leveling each parameter, the entire screen can run safe and stable, with no noise, and lower power consumption.

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Types of rental LED display

Classified by its application environment, rental LED display is divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display. Generally, indoor and outdoor models share the same panel design and could be installed in one screen for the same series rental LED display.

Indoor LED display

Indoor LED display is applied in indoor events like trade shows, fashion shows, award ceremony, car show, conference room or wedding. To achieving the best effects on indoor environments, the LED display has to be equipped with the best hardware to deliver high definition image quality and superior visual performance. But it has no waterproof or high brightness requirements.

Outdoor LED display

Outdoor LED display is widely used to outdoor events like concert, music festival, touring or sports competition, etc. To be used in outdoor environments, the LED display has to be waterproof (usually IP65 or IP54) and has high brightness (more than 5000nits). Taking the viewing distance into consideration, durability and stability are the most important factors to be evaluated for such cases. Outdoor events have no high requirements on pixel pitch. The market demand is often 3.9mm and 4.8mm.

4 Creative Ways to Use LED Wall for your Event

As a Stage Backdrop

As a Social Media Wall

For Live Streaming

For Video Display

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ABXLED can provide LED video wall rental service and support for any scale and requirements. We can provide LED video wall rental for outdoor events, concerts, corporate events, dinner and dance, exhibitions and all live events.

Feel free to check out our ABXLED LED video wall rental blogs and explanatory videos. Contact our sales team for wholesale quotes and information via