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Outdoor LED Digital Billboard

Outdoor Simple cabinet LED Digital Billboard features:The patent mask design, dust-proof and water-proof, protection grade up to waterproof surface IP65, high brightness, high refresh rate, high contrast, independent waterproof module, light, thin design, front and back maintenance, intelligent monitoring.

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About outdoor display screens

Outdoor LED display, as the future of outdoor display advertising media to be bestowed favor on newly, widely used in financial, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, industrial enterprises, transportation, education system, station, wharf, airport, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, Banks, securities market, construction market, auction houses and other public places, industrial enterprise management.Have media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display and other USES.

Outdoor Simple cabinet LED Digital Billboard Feature Details

Classification of Outdoor LED Digital Billboard:

According to the purpose of outdoor led signs, it can be divided into outdoor commercial LED display and outdoor rental LED display; according to the size of production volume, At present, the main cabinet size of outdoor LED display:

1.  960 * 960 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard(P3.067,P3.33,P4,P5,P6,P6.667,P8,P10,P16)

2.  500 * 500 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard(P2.976,P3.91,P4.81,P5.95)

3.  640 * 640 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard;(P2.5,P3.067,P3.33,P4,P5,P6.667,P8,P10,P16)

4.  576 * 576 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard; (P3,P6)

5.  500 * 1000 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard; (P2.976,P3.91,P4.81,P5.95)

6.  768*768 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard;(P3,P6)

7. 1280*960 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard;(P3.067,P3.33,P4,P5,P6.667,P8,P10,P16)

parameter indicators of Outdoor LED Digital Billboard :

The most important parameter indicators of Outdoor LED Digital Billboard developed by the abxled team are reflected in 5 aspects:

1.Pixel pitch:2.5/2.976/3.0/3.33/3.91/4.81/5.0/5.95/6.0/6.667/8/10/16

2.Waterproof rating: Surface waterproof IP65

3.Refresh rate:1920Hz/3840Hz


5.Angle: 160 ℃

1. Can be customized according to customer's demand LED display size

2. Compared with the die-casting cabinet, the cost is lower.

3. Support front and rear  maintenance

4. with weight of 24KG and thickness of 110MM

5. Surface waterproof IP65

6. The color of the cabinet supports customization.

7.Refresh rate: support 1920Hz/3840Hz

8. Support L-shaped or arc-shaped customization.

The most common installation form of Outdoor LED Digital Billboard is steel structure installation, which is our most popular installation method: fixed installation.

Outdoor fixed LED display is used in bank buildings, outdoor commercial center, hotel buildings, airports, vertical outdoor advertising racks.

Because the content displayed on the outdoor fixed LED display is always a positive energy for brand promotion, it is a trend to choose outdoor LED signs for advertising, which will also bring more chain value to your commercial effect.

Humanized Brightness Adjustment

The external sensor can adapt to the environment, and it will not affect the effect of ambient light.

Single point brightness and color temperature correction technology!

Guarantee of good consistency of display screen. Single point correction technology is the core of LED display technology, which can make hundreds of thousands of LED lights on the same panel uniformly shine, making the screen brightness and color temperature uniform.

High Refresh Rate

The screen intake five black screen picture stability without ripples, dealing with the dynamic display screen, the image edge is clear, the screen has good dynamic performance, the image information accurately real reduction, make the video screen clear fluid, bring good visual enjoyment.

Introduction to Outdoor Wall Mount Installation

Introduction to outdoor column installation

Outdoor LED Digital Billboard :The Knowledge Academy

Divided from the design principle, Outdoor LED screen is driven by using a 5V power supply, a process of converting the signal from the sending card to the receiving card and then outputting the image to the LED light emitting diode.

Today, with the development of science and technology, the design of Outdoor LED display is continuously innovative and improved, and the production process is also continuously improved, which greatly promotes the development speed of outdoor led signs.

In the past, the outdoor scrolling led sign that we can see everywhere was mainly used as a slogan at the front of the store. Because the continuous upgrade of the Outdoor LED Digital Billboard system greatly improved the quality of the display screen, it was slowly cited by merchants to commercial ads The ABXLED team deliberately opened an LED display university to explain more about outdoor LED display product knowledge.

1. Why do you choose Outdoor LED display?

Commercial competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the advertising industry has taken the opportunity to become more and more popular. From the initial distribution of flyer-style advertisements, it has been slowly replaced by Internet advertising. Internet advertising has diversified forms, and the most outstanding advertising effect belongs to Outdoor LED Digital Billboard, why do people prefer it for advertising? Let's analyze the advantages of outdoor LED display together.

a. More quickly replace the displayed content, you can use a computer or a mobile phone that supports 4G to change the content of the outdoor LED display anytime, anywhere. For example, if you are on a business trip in New York, and want to change the advertising content of the outdoor advertising screen in Shanghai in time, you only need to turn on the 4G mobile phone, and then upload the pre-made advertising content on the mobile phone software, and the inserted content will be updated in real time.

b. Diversification of content display, support video, picture, text. In this way, there are more advertising content choices than traditional outdoor advertising signs, which can quickly increase the visibility of the enterprise and attract more potential customers to come in contact.

c. Light energy saving is more environmentally friendly, because the diode used is RGB type, the brightness can be matched with the system, the brightness value of the outdoor display can be customized, and no excess light pollution will be generated.

D. Five-proof is more reliable, with waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, anti-lightning, anti-shock, suitable for any environment, can withstand the use of harsh conditions.

E. Strong customization, you can customize the outdoor LED display according to the size of the venue. The designer will subdivide it into pieces of LED display panels, which is convenient for on-site construction arrangements.

F. Compared with the traditional commercial advertising, the overall cost is much lower. Traditional advertising is often completed after the brochure is formulated, and then several business personnel are hired to distribute the flyers, so that the salary of the staff and the cost of developing the album are more than advertising on the outdoor LED display The cost is higher, the outdoor LED display advertising charges are charged per second, the general time is about 15 seconds to 30 seconds. 

g.Outdoor LED Digital Billboard is not only an outdoor advertising screen, it can also be used as a large LED video wall, which can play movies and promote major government matters,

2. The main value of Outdoor LED Digital Billboard.

a. Reflecting its commercial value, some people say that the outdo.or led display is a banknote printing machine, which charges per second, and it can be imagined that the profit margin of the outdoor LED display is unlimited.

b. Reflect its social service value. In the face of the global virus epidemic situation, LED display screen has exerted its expertise, free to publicize the harmfulness of the virus, teach everyone how to prevent the virus, and broadcast the real-time information on the front line of anti-epidemic. Spread positive energy for everyone.

3. The control method of Outdoor LED Digital Billboard system.

Because the design method of the outdoor LED display main control IC determines the system control method of the outdoor billboard, it is mainly divided into synchronous system control and asynchronous control method.

a. The working mode of the synchronous system control is basically the same as that of the display. It correspondingly maps the image on the computer monitor in real time, with multi-grayscale color display capability, which can achieve the effect of multimedia advertising. Its characteristics are: real-time, rich expressiveness, difficult to operate, relatively high price, and the content on the computer is completely synchronized. Once the computer is turned off, the outdoor  LED display will not be displayed, Therefore, the playing time will be limited. It is mainly used in places with high real-time requirements, such as stage LED display, monitoring room LED display, stadium screen, TV station LED display.

b. Asynchronous control mode, we also call it offline control mode, to display text, symbols and graphics or animation, the content must be edited by the computer, the network port is pre-placed into the frame memory of the LED display, and then displayed and played. Its characteristics are: simple operation, low price, wide range of use, and can control the display screen content by region, which is not synchronized with the content on the computer. If the computer is turned off, the LED display can also display normally, but the amount of playback information will be limited to a certain extent, because the storage capacity of the control card has a certain range, it is suitable for places with low real-time requirements. For example, scenic outdoor LED displays, outdoor led sign boards, outdoor led panels, outdoor electronic signs, outdoor display signs.


4. When you have demand, how to buy Outdoor LED Digital Billboard that is more suitable for you?

a. Be sure to understand the installation environment. Outdoor LED displays are also divided into full outdoor and semi-outdoor. Semi-outdoor LED displays are waterproof based on shelters. All outdoor led displays are IP65 waterproof, which has waterproof performance. of,

b. Determine the installation position of the outdoor led display and the viewing distance. It is clear that these two points will help you choose the pixel pitch of the LED display. For example, for a viewing distance of 10 meters, you can choose an outdoor LED display with a pixel of 10. By analogy, an outdoor led display with 8 pixels can be selected for a viewing distance of 8 meters.

C. After the outdoor LED display pitch is determined, according to the size of the installation screen on site, you can choose the size of the small LED Cabinet, compare 500 * 500 size, 500 * 1000 size, 640 * 640 size, 960 * 960 size,

d. Customers who are installed outside the home should pay attention to the need to install a lightning protection device at the time of purchase. In the summer, the outdoor LED display screen in the height of the thunder and lightning will be hit by lightning, which will cause the outdoor led screen to short-circuit and be installed. In the process, each LED display must be grounded.

e. For areas where the temperature is particularly high in summer and the temperature is particularly low in winter, a 1.5P air conditioner must be selected. The outdoor LED display operating temperature is generally -10 ℃ to + 40 ℃, and the temperature will increase after 15 minutes of work. Therefore, in areas with high temperature in summer, leaving the outdoor LED display in a high-temperature working state for a long time will cause the automatic protection of the LED display power supply to stop working, and will also cause the life of the LED lamp bead to shorten. Therefore, the moderate working temperature will make your outdoor LED display longer. 

f. Choose the outdoor LED display suitable for you, and the key parameter is its brightness. From the time period of use and the decent orientation of the outdoor display screen, you can choose the appropriate brightness. At night, you can choose a lower brightness, if you use long sunshine in the daytime, you must choose an outdoor LED display with high brightness


5.What are the specific application scenarios of Outdoor LED Digital Billboard?

1. Commercial Plaza, because the commercial center is the most prosperous area in each city, so the advertising value generated here is the highest, of course, Outdoor LED Digital Billboard is also the most present here, a variety of outdoor LED You can see the display here, such as curved LED display, commercial led signs, commercial led display, commercial display, commercial outdoor digital signs, digital outdoor advertising screens, digital signage outdoor screens, outdoor screen, outdoor led signs.

2. Pedestrian street, pedestrian street traffic is quite large, in order to attract more customers, businesses are also customized outdoor billboards are diversified, triangular outdoor display, double-sided LED display, round outdoor LED display , Outdoor wall screens, outdoor scrolling led sign.

3. For large shopping malls, the display screens here are mostly installed by the shopping malls themselves. In order to display more commercial information inside the shopping malls, such as new brand store check-in, recent shopping mall promotions. The outdoor display screens here are generally flat outdoor display screens and curved outdoor LED display screens. 

4. Iconic building, most of the advertising content here focuses on the promotion of financial customer products, and the led outdoor signs for business with a flat display screen.

5. In large station squares, outdoor LED screens provide passengers with trip information more quickly, publicize national policies for the first time, and reflect more people's livelihood.  

6. Near the transportation hub, the outdoor LED display installed in the column type is the most LED display here, and the advertising space here is the advertising settlement of the merchant giants. 


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