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Southeast Asian Games ABXLED P5.95 led display screen

The major events of the 30th Southeast Asian Games are intensely contested. As the LED display supplier for this East Asian Games, ABXLED has also made a high number of appearances in the stadium. Indoor / outdoor major venues, multi-plan presentation, for Southeast Asian Games Wonderful help!

Basketball Hall

At the Men ’s Sports Arena Men ’s Basketball Championship officially started, the LED advertising screens around the stadium are from ABXLED, with ultra-high contrast display. Under the bright lighting conditions in the field, it still plays stably and restores the true colors!

Volleyball hall

A large scoring screen is hoisted on each side of the volleyball hall, which clearly records the changes in the score of the stadium. The hoisting screen can meet the viewing requirements of large four-sided stadiums. The hoisting scheme requires less installation space, and can reduce the line of sight. Clear and clear, the message is delivered in a timely manner!

On the side of the volleyball stadium, there is a court screen with a length of 36m and a height of 1m. During the game, the beautiful picture quality became a beautiful scenery on the field.

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