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ABXLED's Sports and Arenas Solutions

Sports and Arenas Gymnasium products series:

  1. Cube ceiling screens.
  2.  Fence screens.
  3. Scoring board. 
  4. Front maintenance strip screens.
  5. Stadium live screens.

Product advantage

  1. 3840Hz high refresh rate, Perfect for TV broadcast, camera shooting;
  2. Play sports in real time without missing frame;
  3. Wide viewing Angle and high contrast design ensure that each audience enjoys the best competition.

Sports and Stadium Application

Cabinet adopts unique angle adjustable design, the screen can adjust the inclination angle (75°~90°) according to different requirements so that all the audience can see the content of broadcast.

The screen using soft mask and the upper cover soft material, protect the LED lamp and not cause obvious damage by the collision of athletes. Using efficient optical fiber transmission system, reduce the signal delay phenomenon effectively cause by the transmission distance on the football field, which ensure the consistency of the image play.

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