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Stadium Perimeter LED Display Screen

Anti-collision,adjustable angle extra long splicing

your best choice for a stadium led display screen

Multifunction LED Display
Super light weight
Easy maintenance
Fast installation

The stadium LED display screen shows advertisements by playing videos, other than the traditional way of printing ads. Advertising from Rigard Stadium LED Display Screen brings high-definition videos with perfect visual enjoyment than just stiff cardboards and ads that stay still. Through the stadium LED display screens, which save costs from replacing advertising and other additional costs. Rigard Stadium LED Display Screen is designed with a unique structure that can be widely used as a ball game perimeter LED display screen, stadium LED display scoreboard, multi-functional sporting stadium LED display screen, etc.

Adjustable Angle

ABXLED Stadium LED Display Screen is equipped with an adjustable back bracket, which the stadium LED display screen can be adjusted to lean at any angle. A better view and more audience reached with the stadium LED display screen maximize the performance of advertising and increase the enjoyment of watching sports.

Backup Signal & Power Solution

  • The stadium LED display screen will never be disconnected from meeting UEFA Technical Requirements. Equipped with dual signal, and dual supply solution.

Soft Mask & Pillow

  • Soft module masks are equipped to protect players from being hurt when hitting on the outdoor LED display screen accidentally.
  • Soft pillows ensure protection from hitting the advertising screens. It is equipped on the top of each stadium LED display screen.

Fast Maintenance


Only a 10-second replacement is needed for replacing the modules. Fast replacement and maintenance increase the cost-effectiveness.

Outdoor stadium LED display technical parameters

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