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Take you to understand the parameters of LED lamp beads

There are many parameters and indicators of LED lamp beads. Compared with most non-electronic major friends, if you want to understand LED, you must understand some basic common sense of LED lamp beads, including some LED parameters and performance indicators.

LED lamp bead current
The first is the current of the LED lamp bead, which generally refers to the forward limit current of the LED lamp bead. It refers to the limit current (IF) of the positive pole of the LED lamp bead connected to the positive pole of the power supply and the negative pole to the negative pole of the power supply, which is currently around 20MA. Generally, the light decay current of LED lamp beads cannot be greater than IF2/3, about 15MA to 18MA. The luminous intensity of LED lamp beads is only positively correlated with IF within the corresponding range. When IF > 20MA, the enhancement of brightness is already irregular. Therefore, it is more reasonable to choose the working current of LED lamp beads around 17-19MA. With the continuous development of technology, high-power LED lamp beads are also emerging, such as 0.5WLED (IF=150MA), 1WLED (IF=350MA) and 3WLED (IF=750MA), and other more led lights Bead Specifications.

LED lamp bead service life
The service life of LED lamp beads is also a crucial indicator. In the instruction manual of the LED lamp beads, it will indicate how long it can be used, such as about 50,000 hours of operation. But the problem that needs to be noted here is that it is not possible to simply judge the service life of the LED lamp bead from whether it is still in operation. This is because LEDs don't have the problem of blown filaments like traditional lamps, so they don't stop working directly, but they will gradually decline with the passage of time. High-quality LED lamp beads can maintain about 60% of the initial brightness after 50,000 hours of continuous operation. The best way to prolong the service life of LED lamp beads is to reduce the heat energy generated by the LED chip, which is the root cause of LED loss.

Therefore, only by knowing more about the parameters of LED lamp beads can we choose better LED lamp bead brands and LED lamp bead products.
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