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What is the future trend of LED display 2020?----Abxled

With the development of the market, the advertising and information dissemination form of traditional media has been unable to meet people's needs. Advertisements on LED displays on city streets, large and small, can prove it to you.

In fact, LED display, not only used in the advertising industry, is also used in sports venues for the broadcast of events, timing and scoring, some stage drama background effect. 

In the future, the functionality of LED display will be explored to a greater extent and applied more widely.

The features and development process of LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen is also known as transparent LED display, as the name suggests, with permeability is its characteristics. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation mode. Transparent LED screen is also a kind of LED display, which has certain commonalities with conventional LED display. In terms of display technology, transparent LED display screen belongs to spontaneous light display just like conventional display screen. 

Three development trends of LED display industry

Recently, the industrial structure and product strength of LED display screen industry have been continuously improved. 

However, with the acceleration of industrial upgrading and transformation, the overall saturation of the market and the recent performance of screen enterprises, all aspects of the market trend show that the next "development trends" of the industry.  

What are the main features of HD LED display?

LED display screen is an advertising display device with audio and video functions, especially outdoor LED display screen is gradually replacing canvas advertising and light box advertising with good advertising results. Outdoor LED displays are particularly popular, not only because of their vivid graphics, but because they have hidden advantages that are not widely understood. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of LED displays. 

ABX LED About to Launch Self-Developed Flexible LED Display Series on July, 2020 

Adhering to quality first and service first running philosophy, ABXLED innovates to improve LED technology to lead a sustainable development of LED industry. On July, 2020, ABXLED is about to launch self-developed flexible LED displays series. 

With mobile LED curtain, each set of the LED curtain is a complete display system, which can build the stage you want at any time. Today we’ll briefly introduce AB series flexible LED display. 


Do you know the basic function of digital signage?

Graphics should not only be concise, brief to make themselves unforgettable, and we should pay attention to artistic quality of digital signage. 

A logo is the business card, a good logo design will make people have more memories of the enterprise. Logo design, whether printed on business CARDS, picture books, or outdoor materials, or on digital signage, it’s designed to achieve its commercial purpose. In the process of logo design, we will try to use simple patterns, lines, and colors, striving for ingenious and unique creativity to achieve the visual effect of formal beauty. 

Main functions and features of outdoor full color LED display.||Aabxled

Outdoor full color LED display screens have been widely spread on both domestic and overseas market, frequently installed on shopping malls, enterprises, schools, stages, Banks, airports, stations, stadiums, public security, transportation, and other fields. 

LED display screens can be applied in all kinds of occasions to promote corporate culture, improve corporate image and increase sales. But do you know about the main functions and features of outdoor full color LED screen? 

Main functions of full color LED advertising display screen are as below,

How to create quality content for outdoor LED displays?

Outdoor LED displays often appears in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the advertising information media set on the roof of major buildings and outdoor venues such as the front and roadside of the business district. The main forms include road display, LED electronic display, LED full color screen, LED screen, balloon, airship, carriage, large inflatable model, etc. 

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