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What to consider when utilizing Led video walls. || Abxled

LED technology has been developing for decades. The way the information conveyed is different on a LED video wall comparing to traditional signage. A bunch of led video wall technologies has been used in a wide range of environments such as trade shows, conferences, control rooms and educational settings and others. 

How to deploy an engaging LED video wall? || Abxled

LED video walls are designed to show the audiences with vivid, attractive images or videos. How to deploy an engaging LED video wall well within budget is not an easy task. There are many creative options and it's hard to decide what will work best for the investment. 

The difference between outdoor LED display and indoor LED display

The outdoor LED display screen refers to the LED display screen specially designed and used in outdoor environments, with an area of hundreds of square meters. It comes with relatively high brightness, able to work under the sun, and comes with features of withstanding extreme weather such as heavy wind, rain. 

While indoor LED display screen is the display screen that is designed and used in the indoor environment.

Display Resolution for Video Walls

LED video walls has become a part of our daily lives since its popularity. You can find LED video walls almost everywhere, including shopping malls, retail stores, office building or control rooms in a transportation system. For its great visual effect, LED video walls are primary used to display information and advertisements.  

The classification of stadium LED display screen

Magnificent scene will be displayed via LED display screens, especially when you're at a stadium watching a live sports event. The moments you cannot miss can be well displayed on a big LED display screen.

Whether you're at home and abroad, you can see LED display screens widely used in large and medium-sized stadiums and sports events. Designed for different sports events and application scenarios, it's matching different fields.

The question is: what's the main types of stadium display screen? Today we'll talk about the classification of stadium LED display screen.

Why an ABXLED video wall?

Are you trying to find a way to get more attention? LED video wall is definitely a great option. Digitalization has provided great convenience to people's daily life. Advanced LED technology has replaced traditional digital signage. LED video walls are effective for both outdoor and indoor use.

Factors need to be considered: before installing an LED video wall, something needs to be taken into consideration: image quality, location, maintenance, etc. LED video walls are entering into many areas for its economical features. 

The main trends in the small spacing LED industry

Small spacing LED screens are gaining popularity in both domestic and overseas market. The demand for data displaying and visualization will continue to grow. The visualization solution has been deployed in many application scenarios such as retail store, meeting rooms, hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, flagship stores, intelligent public security, intelligent response, intelligent transportation, and more. 

What factors will affect the service life of your transparent LED screen?

Transparent LED screen has become more and more popular since the transparent screen can make the screen transparent like glass, maintain transparency, and ensure the richness and display details of dynamic images. It empowers users to view the behind-the-scenes and allows users to communicate with the dynamic information of the screen interacts. The transparent LED screen is a great choice to display content in a special way without blocking out light or the view on both sides. Thus, it's a good way to advertise or display information.

How to choose a suitable LED display for the stadium

Generally speaking, sports LED display can be mainly divided into three types: video wall, LED fence display and timing & scoring LED screen. 
With the popularity of NBA, European Championships, World Championships, Olympic Games and other sports, LED sports screen also appears on these occasions and attracts worldwide attention, which bring great exposure for these wonderful games. 

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