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Take you to understand the parameters of LED lamp beads

There are many parameters and indicators of LED lamp beads. Compared with most non-electronic major friends, if you want to understand LED, you must understand some basic common sense of LED lamp beads, including some LED parameters and performance indicators.

Four basic steps to properly install outdoor LED displays

What details should you pay attention to when installing a high-quality outdoor LED advertising display? It's vital to understand how to build, protect the advertising screen for the construction personnel, which will effectively promote business advertising, and information transmission. 

This article will describe four main steps for field advertising display screens installing: field inspection, equipment establishment, equipment commissioning, and equipment operation.

How to choose the right LED screen for your need? || Abxled

Choosing a LED display screen is not an easy task. We will have some questions in mind: how to choose the right LED screen for your need? how to choose the pixel pixels for your LED screen? Let’s find the answer together and take a look at the development process of LED display screen first. 

A full guide on Led video wall system.||Abxled

The video wall systems refer to giant digital displays made up by an array of flat panels. Featuring large size, detailed resolution, and versatility, the video walls are ideal for trade shows, car shows, stadium sport events. 

These video walls are displaying text, graphics or animations with unparallel image quality since each screen comes with multiple high definition TVs. For its large size, it can reach the audiences as much as possible.

What benefits has transparent LED displays brought and will bring to you?||Abxled

Transparent LED digital signage bring new chances to many areas, like retail stores in shopping mall, chain stores. The advertisement can get noticed with world-class transparent LED displays. Paper advertising boards just don't cut in any more. It's obsolete at night, while bright transparent LED digital signage don't block the daylight and it can be noticed day and night.

The importance of LED beads on LED display screen││Abxled

In recent years, LED display screens has played a vital role in our daily life and have been widely used in many areas. LED technology is one of the most important technology in LED lighting industry. People always put quality and performance in the first place. LED bead is an important factor to affect the life span of an LED display screen.

How do LED screens affect our lives?

The LED screen is a flat panel display hardware, which is presented by the form of image, photo, video, text, or video signals, etc. It is used as a decoration, or as lighting, or as a commercial publicity. 

LED screens utilize LED technology and are widely used in business areas. For its various functions and applications, the service industry, media, and business companies take it as a top priority when considering an advertisement strategy.

How to Use LED Screens for Your Business

LED display screens is getting more and more popular. Since the government continues continue to advocate more efficient light sources, LED screen industry will be thriving. We predict that more and more displays will be found in 2020. 

Let's take a look at the evolution of LED screens and how people use it together. 

The history of LED screens

Why LED display are so important to propaganda sports? 

For all the areas, it's very vital to focus both online and offline advertising channels. Modern marketing department should combine the creativity of latest technology with traditional marketing strategies. 

LED technology is one of the most effective ways to attract people on shopping malls, crossings, bus stops, metro stations, airports, etc. 

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