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Utilizing LED display on a school graduation event

A graduation ceremony held by a school is supposed to celebrate the accomplishments of the students. Families, friends, and students watched in horror as university officials and university president, sitting only steps away, watching the stage center and never want to miss a moment.

How LED technology affect people’s lives? 

Modern LED technology has been widely used in our daily life and new LED technology has changed our lives in many ways. 

In order to increase sales and customer experience, the latest LED technology is affecting the advertising work of every industry. The design of LED screens integrated the lasted LED technology, which obtains a great advantage in achieving business goals.

Of course, you can use LED display screens at for concerts, music festivals, trade shows, bike races, marathons, sporting events, political rallies, etc. 

How Businesses Can Get From Utilizing LED Video Walls?

When you walking in a shopping center or a park, a LED video wall is easy to catch your eyeball and get your attention. I tend to stop by and watch a whole video or advertising idea. This is my true experience and I like this kind of advertising way.

In a fast-developing world, the internet and a real-life is exploded with various information. People have no idea or have no time to make the choice which to check it out first. People tend to choose the one which is more interesting.

Why do we need a high refresh rate LED screen?

When talking about the LED display parameter, a very important parameter refresh rate comes to my mind. If LED displays will not be shot by cameras, do we need a high refresh rate? The refresh rate is a parameter that shows how many times per second the image on your LED display changes.

What is the refresh rate of a LED screen?

Things You Should Know About LED Screens

ABXLED’s main business area lies in LED screens since 2011. That's what we've been doing for so many years. We offer solutions that have helped many of our customers make their rental offer or custom LED screens more appealing. This is why ABXLED exists.

The origin of LED screens

The Future of Led Digital Signage

When speaking of digital signage, which advancement will come to your mind first? Bigger, brighter, thinner, or smarter?

It's used to deliver experience, displaying information. But it’s far beyond all of these. Suppliers are employing advanced LED technologies to attract audiences’ attention and respond to them with tailor-made content. The content of digital signage tends to be more versatile and varied.

How to Select a Dependable LED display Supplier?

​​​​As the market for LED screens grows in states around America, LED screens brands like Pixelflexled are leading the way within the U.S.A. Among the LED screen market, over 90% of LED screens are importing from China. There are hundreds of options on the market. The question is how to find a dependable LED screen supplier.

How much do LED display screens cost? ​ ​

LED screens have been widely used in news media and business field. LED screens perfectly combines LED technology and outdoor advertising release form.

It utilizes advertising languages to deliver business content or messages by the means of characters, pictures, or videos etc. to its targeted and potential customers. Each pedestrian walks by a crossing or a restaurant, they will be attracted by colorful LED screens and it’s hard not to notice the content on LED screens.

How to Select Correct LED Screens?

Choosing a correct LED screen will enable boundless opportunities to create an unforgettable experience and make your investment on this LED screen project worthy. Experience true HD quality video with creativity that allows the customers to customize your own LED screens.

According to different customers’ needs, in general, they will consider aspects as below:

LED display price--How much does an LED display cost?

What is LED? 

Since their inception in the early ‘60‘s, light emitting diodes(LEDs) have gained widespread use and now can be found nearly everywhere. The devices are created by depositing two thin layers of materials onto a substrate, one with an excess of electrons and the other having “holes” and needing electrons to achieve a more stable state.

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