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Transparent LED Displays

TR Pro Series High transparency,transparency can reach up to 75%-95% with the highest resolution, screen is almost invisible when viewed from 5 meter.

Super Thin & Light
High transparency
Wide viewing angle
Perfect visual impact

Feature Details

The transparent rental led display is the upgrade version of the normal transparent led and the common traditional rental led display. It is creative design would meet for the High-end rental events places, Product launch or exhibition trade show.

Transparency Design

GTR series LED glass transparent screen is a new type of LED display with high transparency, easy installation and disassembly, intelligent control and so on. It is often used in concerts, stage rentals, large-scale entertainment festivals, auto shows, and high-end exhibitions, as well as large-scale new product launches to achieve new and creative applications. The transparent display effect is simple and light. It has a strong 3-dimensional sense in dance performances and special effects, which fully demonstrates the beauty and artistic charm of the stage.

 Pixel Pitch     3.91-7.81mm 7.8-7.8mm   5.2-10.42mm  10.42-10.42mm
 LED Arrangement    SMD1921 SMD2525   SMD2525  SMD2525
 Physical Density(pixels/m²)    32,768 16,384   18,432 9,216
 Cabinet Dimensions(mm) 500*500 or 500*1000 Can be customized size available
Weight  15KG/㎡ 15KG/㎡  14KG/㎡  14KG/㎡ 
Transparency    65% 70%    75%  80% 
Max power consumption 600W/㎡ 600W/㎡ 550W/㎡ 550W/㎡
Average Power 180W/㎡ 180W/㎡ 180W/㎡ 180W/㎡
Brightness   ≥4500nits ≥4500nit  ≥4500nit ≥4000nit
Brightness level 256Level 256Level 256Level 256Level
Installation Outdoor and Indoor Hanging or Stacking

Fast Installation Quick To Install By One Person

Glind transparent LED Displays  cabinet is light weight, and has fast lock, positioning column.Easy to install and disassemble, easy to maintain.

The GTR series has a variety of stage effects: the 3D stage, the image looks like it appears directly in the sky. It delivers a stunning display across the entire screen even at wide viewing angles. Ultra-light, weighs only 17kg/m2; ultra-thin, maximum thickness is only 38mm; black box, positive light, can be used for outdoor rental and fixed installation, even if it is installed and removed frequently, it will not damage the lamp. The control system and power supply are integrated into one module for quick and easy installation, disassembly and maintenance.

Application places

TR Pro Series transparent LED Screen is aimed at fix installation in shopping mall, airport, hotel, car showroom, and etc.

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