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What are the factors will affect the LED display screen price?

Since LED display screen is not a one-size-fits-all product, many factors will affect its price. Abxled will discuss the factors affect the price of LED display screens.

Screen size

The bigger the screen, the most likely the expensive the screen would be. 


The pixels determine the resolution. Generally speaking, the smaller the pitch, the clearer the image. For the complexity of processors, the price would be different.

LED components

LED components including chips, wiring, and power supply will affect the cost. The options of LED components will largely affect its cost finally. 

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Pixel pitch

How will you use the screen will decide the final screen design. If the audiences are seating in a far position, it will have higher requirements on the resolution. For example, if you plan to install an LED display at eye level at a museum, you will definitely need a higher pitch. The configuration of the pixel pitch will influence the price.

Installation & Mounting types

How you will use the screen and where are you planning to install the screen will largely affect its price. If it's a standard mounting type, it will cost far less than a customized mounting type. 

Outdoor displays are more expensive than indoor displays

Outdoor display screens are designed to be ruggedized to withstand extreme weather and ruggedized. Thus, the cost would be a lot more than indoor displays.

Processor and playback

If you are planning to use a top tier processor, it will cost much more than a common processor. The more complex the playback is, the more expensive the LED screen would be. 


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Let ABXLED help you come up with a solution for your needs and your budget

When you start invest in a LED display screen business, you will have a budget in mind. But how to find the LED screen for your budget, you'd better talk to LED solution provider experts. At ABXLED, our technical team and sales team will help you create a plan based on your goals and ensure you to get the most out of it at the price you expect.