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What benefits has transparent LED displays brought and will bring to you?||Abxled

Transparent LED digital signage bring new chances to many areas, like retail stores in shopping mall, chain stores. The advertisement can get noticed with world-class transparent LED displays. Paper advertising boards just don't cut in any more. It's obsolete at night, while bright transparent LED digital signage don't block the daylight and it can be noticed day and night.

Digital signage helps get more attention and increase sales for offline retail stores. It's easy to install and manage. Its content can be updated and changed very quick, further helping save labor and increase sales. 

Constant innovation and advancements in LED technology has driven the growth of the LED digital signage industry. A traditional LED display generally mounts pixels onto solid boards or tiles and then mounts those onto cabinets or frames. However, a transparent LED display instead typically mounts pixels right onto a thin, skeletal grid or flexible film.

Transparent LED display is very effective in different application scenarios and it allows the audiences a realistic and vivid visual effect. 

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What is a transparent LED digital signage?

A transparent LED digital signage will definitely increase footfalls, brand awareness, and induce purchase. 

When it comes to a transparent LED digital signage, you will first consider its transparency. Each display will be designed in different degrees of transparency for its commercial purpose. 

If a display is installed onto a retail store window, those outside will see the LED digital signage display but those inside will also see the display. Instead of seeing the content on the pixels. They will be seeing the rear of the display. 

The screens of a traditional LED display have transparent components such as cathode, anode, and substrate. The transparent LED displays also consume less power, consuming roughly 10% of the power of a traditional display. 

Transparent LED displays also use 3D animation, which is easy for communication and interaction and attracting the audiences. 

What benefits has transparent LED displays brought?

Transparent LED displays have been used in far wider application areas than conventional LED displays. Transparent displays integrate seamlessly into architecture facades bringing digital media to the forefront of design. It's been widely used in retail stores, public venues, airports and landmark buildings and more.

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The high quality of a traditional LED display ensures attractive and efficient information delivery. It's also an effective way to advertise high-end brands. It's widely used in clothing retailers, jewelers, car shows, etc. 

The transparent consume far less power than conventional LED displays. Its green energy-saving features will help in building smart city and green city.

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