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What to consider when utilizing Led video walls. || Abxled

LED technology has been developing for decades. The way the information conveyed is different on a LED video wall comparing to traditional signage. A bunch of led video wall technologies has been used in a wide range of environments such as trade shows, conferences, control rooms and educational settings and others. 

Deploying a video wall well is not an easy task. But how to optimize your investment in video walls? This blog will show you what to consider when utilizing a led video wall.

What is your goal for the led video wall investment?

A video wall can be designed for information delivering, entertainment, advertisement, and education purpose. Find out what you need and set a goal for this investment. You will benefit from a video wall project cause it's a worthy investment. In general, you can get the most out of it in a year or two for its huge commercial value. 

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How to choose and create the proper content for the led video wall? 

The content is the key to the led video wall investment. It is the content that determines its value. It can be displayed in the form of text, images, or videos, animations, etc. The design of content will be affected by its purpose and forms. If you're targeted at its entertainment value, then you need to focus more on clarity and motion. Also, it's crucial to make the content and information clear to the audiences. 

Plus, you need to consider if you will display multiple pieces of content or the same video or animation on all the screens. Your content needs to match the expectation from the targeted audiences.

How to install the led video wall?

The video walls usually last for years and it requires maintenance regularly. It's not a led video wall you install once and never interact with again. The design should be easy for update and adjust. 

Thus, it's designed to be accessible. Some factors should be taken into consideration when designing and installing a video wall: interior or exterior, ambient light or direct light, sight lines and angles. wall space, viewing distance, mounting structure, etc. 

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What type of functionality will you need for hardware and software?

A commercial grade hardware is needed for a video wall project, as they are built for constant use and don't get overheated. 

When determining what software to use, think about your goals. It is important to plat different content at different times in some applications. Thus, it's better to plan the content in advance. Also, the content should be updated in an easier way.