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What you need to know when install outdoor led signs 

Many media companies or common business companies are able to stand out from their competitors partly because they use advertising especially outdoor digital LED display advertising. Once they use outdoor led digital signages or outdoor LED displays, which can attract the attention of passersby instantaneously with the use of bright, colorful, and vivid displays.

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Why adopting outdoor led digital displays for advertising is so popular around the globe? 

These outdoor LED displays help deliver and propaganda the content or message that will not only establish brand image but also increase customer engagement and promote sales volume. Companies use LED displays to present multiple contents and different advertising can be broadcast over and over again for a whole day. 

In general, the outdoor LED display being installed in higher altitudes can grab the attention of the passers-by and obtain an eye-catching view. Take the outdoor displays installed on underbridge or TV towers or high building of big cities, for example, these outdoor LED screens are the most attractive spots in a dark night. When you’re living in urban cities, you can see all these colorful and bright outdoor LED displays when you lift your head.   

Adopting outdoor led digital displays for advertising especially for outdoor led signs advertising can help grow your business very fast in an increasingly digital world actively. outdoor led signs used for commercial advertising is very popular around the globe. 

It is bound to gain attention and grab eyeballs from the audiences in any form of outdoor displays. When it comes to what you need to know when install outdoor LED display at an event, there are many which are thoughtfully described as below for your reference, 

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5 small tips on installing outdoor LED signs at an event 

Tip 1: Choose the outdoor LED display suit for your project 

Choose a specific outdoor LED display that best suits for your altitude and climate. Make sure that the display can withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations of local places and make sure the outdoor LED screen can still display the content regardless of the limitations of climate or direct sunlight. 

Tip 2: Make sure the outdoor led screen can regulate its internal temperature 

Generally, outdoor LED screens require an ideal temperature to work well. Since they’re constantly on, it’s necessary to take actions to avoid overheating problems, such as dying pixels, fading pictures, and mismatched colors, etc. To avoid above problems, the outdoor LED screen should have an inside system installed that can regulate its internal temperature well. ABXLED have good designs to control its internal temperature appropriately. 

Tip3:Choosing high-brightness and high-contrast outdoor LED displays 

The brightness of outdoor LED displays is one of the most important aspects of grab eyeballs from passers-by. Limited by direct sunlight, the outdoor screens are bound to be highly visible and highly colorful. The fact is that an outdoor LED screen will not be visible unless the screen has a brightness of 2,000 nits (nits is used for measuring luminance). If the brightness of the LED screen is lower than this, you can consider to put it under an awning or tent to block sun exposure. 

Tip4: Choosing the best location 

Firstly, the objective of an outdoor LED signs project is to target audience as much as possible. Thus, it’s extremely important to choose the best location for the project. The best location is to avoid direct sunlight or on the west side of a building. It’s necessary to consider anti-damage factor if the outdoor LED display is to be installed in an urban or high-traffic area. Choose those with vandal-resistant glass that can avoid damage. 

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Tip5: Choosing the outdoor LED screen that are designed for extreme climate 

An outdoor LED screen is a long-term investment and it’s usually a years’ project. Outdoor LED screens need to resist from extreme weather, climate changes, water-proof. It’s crucial that the outdoor LED screens can get protection in extreme conditions. 

ABXLED’s outdoor LED screens are designed for extreme climates. Also, you can choose the ones with protective glass that will protect against direct sunlight and water. 

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