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Why does meeting room display system choose small spacing LED displays?

With the increasing market demand and the deepening of strategic layout to expand new market, small spacing display screens has been widely used in conference system. What are the advantages of small spacing LED screens in meeting rooms? Let's find the answer together. 

Seamless LED display

The seam of the whole screen cannot be seen due to the tight splicing between modules. When used in remote video conferencing, the face on the screen will not be cut in. When displaying word, excel, PPT and other documents, there will no confusion between the stitching and the table separation lines, resulting in the misinterpretation of the content. 

Color and brightness consistency on the whole screen

Since the modular combination is applied, it can realize point-to-point calibration. After a long time of use, there will be no color, brightness inconsistency between modules, or even darker edges, darkening of local color blocks and other phenomena, keeping the whole screen height consistent.

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A wide range of adjustable brightness

Small spacing LED conference comes with a wide range adjustable brightness, wallowing for normal display in both bright and dark environments. Combined with low brightness high ash and other technologies, it can also achieve high definition in low brightness.

A wide range of adjustable color temperature 

Similarly, small spacing LED screens can adjust the color temperature of the screen in a large range. In this way, applications requiring high color accuracy, such as studio, virtual simulation, medical treatment, meteorology and other fields, which ensuring accurate image restoration.

Wide Angle of view

Small spacing LED screens usually have a wide viewing Angle of nearly 180 degree, which can meet the needs of large conference rooms and conference halls for remote viewing and side viewing. 

High contrast, high refresh

Small spacing LED screens can present a higher definition, richer level of screen, in the high-speed motion of the screen display will not appear in the phenomenon of dragging. 

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Ultra-thin cabinet 

Compared with traditional methods such as DLP and projection fusion, small spacing LED scree is more space-saving. It's more convenient for shipping than LCS for the same size. 

A long span life

In general, small spacing LED screen has a service life of more than 100, 000 hours, which can effectively reduce the usage and maintenance costs and reduce the workload of maintenance personnel in the long term. We've listed the advantages of the application of small spacing LED screen in conference room. With the application of small spacing LED conference screen spreading day by day, there are still more advantages for us to explore.

If you’re planning to invest in small spacing LED screens in your conference room, please contact ABXLED and we will ensure you a tailored solution.