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Why led digital signage is important | ABXLED

I didn't realize since when the paper poster is not popular as earlier times. Posters on easels just didn’t work, people were ignoring the paper. You can meet demands with led digital signage, that you can’t with paper signage.

Significant Benefits of led digital signage

led digital signage is found almost everywhere today. For instance, in public spaces, retail stores, corporate buildings, stadiums, airports, train stations, metro stations, bus stops, trade shows, exhibitions, museums, restaurants, hotels, etc.

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Various sizes and shapes have been designed and developed from classrooms to conference rooms, from corporate buildings to highways, from public transportations to the most outstanding billboards a city has showcased on the top building or tower.

Thanks to the advancement of LED technology and manufacturing, led digital signage has been widely used in the commercial environment. Businesses and many other areas utilize the latest LED technology and led digital signage to easily showcase their products, services, and other content for business purposes. The result is these led digital signage help brands stand out and engage with more potential customers.

It's not that popular about three decades ago. In the past, only wealthy people can afford to use and maintain them. Yet, this modern technology can be seen almost anywhere.

Make products, services, content get more exposure

If it's raining outside, you can switch your playlist of led digital signage to the one that presents rainwear immediately. If it's on a hot summer day, utilize your screens to show the sun protection umbrella or summer wear. You can even make your exclusive products display repeatedly for a period. This will help to increase your sales volume. If you want to display services or content.

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Drive more traffic to your retail stores

In general, a retail store with led digital signage can drive more people into your store than those who don't have led digital signage. People tend to be naturally attracted to screens. Some creative led digital signage will catch our attention. Retail is one of the fastest-growing fields adopting led digital signage to gain more sales. If a retail store has led digital signage, shoppers may not have walked right on by. 8 out of 10 customers enter a store due to led digital signage's attraction.

Increase purchasing chances

When you walk into a supermarket or grocery store, you may see some candy bars or gum beside the cashiers. These products are placed to increase impulse purchase chances. In the same way, you can create some promotional content on your screen next to the cashiers to increase purchasing decisions. With led digital signage, it will create more chance of showing your products to the customers and increase purchasing chances.

Influence what the customers buy

Real-time product availability would influence where they shop and the content a led digital signage display will also influence what they buy. Digital screens are a great wat to showcase items and respond to peaks of specific products. LED technology influence how a retail store communicated with customers. A “smart shelf” reached out to the customer in front of it via his or her smartphone, pointing to the offers most relevant to that customer, which may become the norm. Or the store will change what is displayed on its led digital signage according to the time of day and the customer is in the store. During midmorning in a grocery store, the signage may focus on attractive deals for young mothers. An apparel store detecting a large group of teenagers in the store may display promotional ads starring the latest teen star instead of a video from a fashion show in Paris. Given that online channels are becoming synonymous with convenience, physical retailers choosing this model will also have to offer shoppers an online channel and the option of carrying home purchases from a store or having them delivered. Technology should enable the customers to go online to get real-time information about items in stock at the nearest outlet or store-only deals. The led digital signage also provides a solution “designed for your needs”.

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The future of led digital signage

If it's 10 years ago, led digital signage was really expensive. But it's not that expensive now. If you're not utilizing led digital signage from now on, you may miss out on a lot of potential customers.

ABXLED provides affordable led digital signage solutions for over 9 years. To learn more about signage solutions, please contact us today for wholesale quotes and information.