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Why LED display are so important to propaganda sports? 

For all the areas, it's very vital to focus both online and offline advertising channels. Modern marketing department should combine the creativity of latest technology with traditional marketing strategies. 

LED technology is one of the most effective ways to attract people on shopping malls, crossings, bus stops, metro stations, airports, etc. 

Since people spend more and more time on mobile phones, it's a big challenge to attract people to other stuffs. The digital content on big LED screens should be creative and attractive enough to direct people from their mobile phones to advertising diaplayed on LED screens. 

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LED screens not only plays an important role in advertising in business areas, medias, but also in sports career.

When it comes to big sports competition, you can see advertising content on internet or on metro station's LED billboards or LED screens. 

The government is also utilizing the latest LED technology to improve their connections with citizens. People can read the digital messages from big LED screens and understand the intention of the government. 

As sports is to reach the masses, it's critical to focus on a basic fact: sports is a serious advertisement and propaganda tool. It is possible to advertise any company and product using LED screens inside football fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and stadiums. In business activities, well-known brands often sponsor in big sports competition.

For both professional athletes and amateur sports lovers, they like to participate sports competitions and watch sports competitions. Sports have a positive impact on people's lives, education, and well-being. Sports will help increase social network, mental well-being and protect physical health by releasing stress. 

Every year, the government, associations, institutions, and organizations will organize sport events. In Shenzhen, there are over 10 big marathon events every year.

Some LED screen manufacturers will sponsor the whole event. For example, the LED screen will be placed to live stream the whole process of the event on starting point and derterminal point. Its HD resolution image, live streaming broadcasting bring an excellent watching experience for all the audiences who are watching the event on TV.

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How the government use LED screens to propaganda sports? 

Sports facilities and sports events are held by the government to serve the people. Besides professional sports competitions, there are many amateur events in Shenzhen. 

What makes sports so popular? Definitely, a wide propaganda is one of the most important factors. 

Walking on a street in Shenzhen, you can see many big stadiums, and many sports events are held over there. Thanks to LED display screens’ advertisement and propaganda, sports advertisement on LED screens are available on metro stations, bus stops, plazas, stadiums, etc. People can know more about the sports events they’re interested in via digital billboards quickly. 

Also, well-established sports facilities make it possible for most citizens participate in sports like golf, basketball, etc. Training facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts etc in big stadiums is open to the public in Shenzhen. 


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